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uDraw Pen and Tablet for Nintendo Wii

Posted by on October 28, 2010 at 15:05 pm

The new uDraw Tablet for Nintendo Wii is pretty cool… it turns any TV into an art studio! Simply click your Wii remote into the tablet and you’re ready to draw. Bundled with the uDraw Studio game, users can create original works of art, shade in dozens of coloring book templates, use a selection of stamps, and more and can save their creations on an SD card to share them with others.

uDraw studio accommodates various levels of artistic ability, and kids and adults alike will enjoy the Pictionary game that requires the tablet too. The game has over 3,000 clues and several drawing styles, shape tools and colors. The three game modes include Pictionary game show, Pictionary Mania, & Free Draw and is the perfect addition to Family Game Night.


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