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Popular New Year’s Resolutions and How We Can Help: Gain More Knowledge

Posted by on December 29, 2010 at 16:01 pm

Yesterday we covered what is probably the most sought-after New Year’s Resolution: losing weight. Today, we’re covering another popular resolution that can be found on almost every list of New Year goals: getting a better education. While we don’t carry college tuition in our stores, we do have several items that can help get you gain more knowledge:

E-book readers are a hot item right now, and it’s no wonder why: the ability to carry thousands of books in a such a lightweight device is extremely liberating (and green!). They are a much better solution than downloading e-books onto your laptop or smartphone as an e-reader’s battery life lasts much, much longer. Thousands of books in the public domain, including Sense and Sensibility, A Tale of Two Cities and more are available for free from most e-book retailers.

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