Introducing Samsung OLED TV


You won’t believe your eyes! Now you can enjoy true-to-life color, ultimate contrast and blur-free motion thanks to a remarkable leap forward in picture quality technology. . . OLED technology! Why does the new Samsung OLED TV look like nothing you’ve ever seen before? Well, because you never have… and here’s why!

Breakthrough OLED Technology

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. It sounds like a slight variation on the traditional LED, bet OLED displays are completely different from LED backlit LCD displays. LED’s rely on an LCD filter to turn on an individual subpixel on or off, while OLED pixels are independently lit, so they don’t require backlighting filters to function. Basically, an OLED subpixel is comprised of a thin layer of organic carbon-based compounds sandwiched between two electrodes. When electricity passes from one electrode to the other, it excites the sandwich layer of organic materials, which causes the compound to emit light. Millions of self-lighting pixels illuminate individually to express true-to-life color, sharper contrast and clearer images compared to conventional TVs.

Real Color

OLED has a much wider range of color than conventional TVs and is very close to DCI movie theater standard. With this richer and more authentic color palette than the current LED technology, OLED TVs display incredibly vibrant and gorgeous colors with incredible accuracy.

Infinite Contrast

Experience a more lifelike picture with a contrast ratio that’s far greater than that of current LED TVs.  OLED can offer deep blacks and pure whites because it has the ability to turn off individual pixels. Plasma TVs have this same ability, only OLED does it much better. The way plasma TVs are constructed causes a small amount of ambient light to be refracted out to the viewer; OLED displays don’t have this problem, giving you a picture that is as authentic as anything you’ve ever seen.

Virtually Blur-Free Motion Clarity

OLED currently offers the fastest response time of any TV technology in use today, because the displays are so fast you don’t see any motion blur. You can enjoy pictures that are so crisp you’ll feel like you’re a part of every movie, show or sporting event you watch. From subtle motion to fast-paced action it’s incredibly sharp.

Notable Features:

·         Timeless Arena Design. Samsung OLED TVs bring beauty into any space with a timeless curved design that draws you into the picture and a minimalistic elegance that’s stunning while on or off.

·         Two TVs are better in one. Forget Picture-in- Picture; share the TV without compromise with MultiView. Now two people can watch two different shows at the same time – both in full HD or 3D – by wearing 3D glasses with built-in personal stereo sound. You will only see what you’re watching while your partener only sees what they want to watch!

·         One Connect. Merge all your connections into a single cable with the One Connect box to reduce cord clutter and enjoy a sleek design with a “clean back” finish. Don’t worry about next year’s TV model being eons ahead of this one; One Connect also lets you easily update your TV’s software so it stays innovative year after year.

·         The new Samsung Smart Hub can help you navigate easily through live programs, streaming content, social networks, apps and more. Not sure what to watch? Just ask your TV – it will recommend something just for you.

You can see a live demonstration of the Samsung OLED TV at select P.C. Richard & Son Superstores Click here to learn more and stop by see for yourself how truly amazing this technology is!

Samsung OLED TV Commercial: Life in Every Pixel


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Radio City Christams Spectacular Sweepstakes!



There is no better place to be this holiday than the Radio City Christmas Spectacular! The radiant Radio City Music Hall will be decked out for the season and the Rockettes shine like never before in a breathtaking new number that transforms the stage into a glistening winter wonderland!

Want to win tickets to this amazing show? Here is your chance to win a VIP experience to the greatest Christmas show there is! All you need to do is stop by one of our P.C. Richard and Son Superstores and enter for a chance to win! The grand prize winner will receive 4 tickets to a 2013 performance of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, 4 passes to the Radio City Stage Door Tour, 1 night hotel stay at Carlton Hotel in NYC, round trip ground transportation from hotel to show, one $180 gift certificate to Planet Hollywood Times Square towards dinner for four, and a $500 gift certificate to P.C. Richard & Son!  That’s not all; four Runner-ups will each receive 4 tickets to a performance of the 2013 Radio City Christmas Spectacular as well!

Check for store locations here and click here to read the official rules for this sweepstakes … Hurry sweepstakes ends October 31, 2013. All P.C. Richard & Son fans can use PCR25 and save 25% on select tickets to Radio City Christmas Spectacular, click here for tickets.  Good luck!


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Toshiba Cloud TV


Cloud TV takes smart TV to a whole new level. Get easy access to a menu of new services with a Multi-Page Cloud TV Portal. Stream movies and news, access your music and photos, or find something new with the MediaGuide. Socialize with family and friends with Skype, Facebook or Twitter. Share photos, leave a message or post to the calendar from your mobile devices using the companion app.

As if Smart TV wasn’t smart enough, check out these new features:    

  • Content Discovery. Cloud TV puts you closer than ever to the things you love – Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora, YouTube, along with video on demand, broadcast programming, the web, even music, photos and videos on your home network.
  • Wireless Display makes it possible to display small screen content, from your PC or other mobile device, on your bigscreen TV wirelessly.
  • MediaGuide is an Ideal TV programming guide with advanced search. Find great viewing-even from your tablet.
  • Kontrol TV Gamming allows you and your family or friends to play TV games with multiple players at once using your tablet or smart phone as a controller.
  • New Home Screen allows different user profiles. This makes it easy for the user to sync up with their own personalized Cloud data stream with the TV, which can then store a schedule of upcoming events input either through the TV, Cloud TV app, iPad or other mobile device. Also with the personal profile system the TV will track your own viewing habits and make viewing recommendations accordingly.

The beauty of these TVs is that they let you connect with your Cloud TV – your calendar, photo albums, personal messaging and much more-using your mobile device or computer to extend the experience at home and away. Click here to learn more about Toshiba Cloud TV.



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Introducing the New Bose® SoundTouch™ Wi-Fi® Music System

AsPhotographers |  We Are The Rhoads | Chris & Sarah Rhoads   Client: Bose your world of music keeps growing, the all-new Bose SoundTouch products let you enjoy it all at the touch of a button! If you have an existing home Wi-Fi network, you’re ready to enjoy Bose sound in any room you want; no extra equipment necessary. Bose SoundTouch devices can access music stored on a Mac or Windows computer, as well as Internet and Pandora radio stations, making listening to music easier than ever.

Besides music streaming, SoundTouch devices can be controlled by the Bose SoundTouch app for iOS, Android, Mac OS X, and Windows. With this app, you can browse for music; set up to six presets for one-touch access to a specific playlist, internet radio station, and more. If you have multiple SoundTouch devices the app will allow you to control volume and music selection on each separately, or set all devices to play simultaneously as a multi-room system.  Bose has also added Apple’s AirPlay so that you can play music wirelessly from an Apple device.

The only thing you need to decide is which system is right for you: the battery-powered portable system that can be easily moved from room to room (Bose SoundTouch Portable), the compact, easy-to-place system that delivers room-filling sound (Bose SoundTouch 20), or the best-performing one-piece Wi-Fi system, which produces powerful sound that can fill your largest room (Bose SoundTouch 30)? Whichever one you choose, Bose sound is just one touch away. Are you ready to enjoy rich, room-filling sound in any room you want?


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KitchenAid $1000 Gift Certificate Giveaway Sweepstakes


Have you been thinking about revamping your kitchen? Day dreaming of a new refrigerator, range, or maybe dishwasher? That dream can come true; you could be one of three people to win a $1000 gift certificate from P.C. Richard and Son to use toward the purchase of KitchenAid appliances!

KitchenAid is the only appliance brand that makes products exclusively for the kitchen, created for cooks who live to create. Their major appliances offer timeless design, smart features and one-of- kind technology unique to KitchenAid. 

What would you use the $1000 gift certificate toward if you won?

Perhaps a new refrigerator with FreshFlow™ Produce Preserver, which keeps foods like lettuce and fruit fresh up to four days longer!  Maybe a new dishwasher from the Superba® Series with unique features like ProScrub™ Technology, or upgrading to a new range with Even-Heat™ technology that ensures your creations live up to their inspirations. You can’t go wrong with whatever you decide; KitchenAid keeps pushing the limits with all their products so you can do the same with every delicious dish you create!

Enter here for your chance to win a $1000 gift certificate from P.C. Richard and Son to use toward the purchase of KitchenAid appliances. Click here to learn how you can receive up to $1000 MasterCard© prepaid card by mail with purchase of select KitchenAid Brand appliances.



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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 – 2014 Edition



The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 – 2014 Edition will go on sale in the U.S. October 10, 2013, but you can pre-order yours today. With improved S Pen capabilities, vibrant display, and improved multi-tasking features packaged in a sleek polished design, the new Galaxy Note 10.1 – 2014 Edition delivers a brilliant tablet experience.  Continue reading to see why this tablet is worth the price.

 Worthy Features :

Super Clear LCD

The display offers brighter colors and more lifelike graphics. The 2,560 X 1,600 pixel WQXGA display contains over 4 million pixels, offering users a dynamic viewing experience.

My Magazine

Samsung introduces a new magazine-style user interface called My Magazine. My Magazine allows users to organize the latest news, social feeds and localized content in an easy-to-use personalized dashboard.

Powered by Exynos

The new Galaxy Note 10.1 is powered by an Exynos® 5420 quad-core processor and 3GB RAM for faster web browsing and multitasking with rich HD graphics for the best gaming experience. Enhanced multitasking allows users to seamlessly use two different applications side-by-side and easily drag and drop content from one window to another. What’s more, certain apps such as YouTube and Internet can now be activated simultaneously in both windows.


What’s new with the S Pen?

The updated S Pen provides a more responsive, productive and overall efficient tablet experience. The enhanced S Pen also introduces several shortcuts and productivity tools at the user’s fingertips.

·         Air Command

 Provides instant access to S Pen features which include;  Action Memo, Scrapbooker, Screen Write, S Finder and Pen Window all in a convenient hover and click of the button on the S Pen from any point on the screen.

·         Action Memo

Gives users the ability to take a note and link it to a direct action and instantly perform a task, such as searching the internet or emailing a friend.

·         Scrapbooker

 Allows users to organize interesting content with the S Pen and place it into individualized scrapbooks.  The S Pen makes it easy for users to grab and store videos, photos and clips from web pages. Users have the ability to keep boards private or share content as they choose.

·         Screen Write

Enables the user to easily take a screen capture and edit the shot.

·         S Finder

Users will be able to search the entire device including handwritten notes and settings, connected accounts and the web with the S finder using key words or handwritten symbols.

·         Pen Window

This feature lets users draw a window on screen using the S Pen, and doing this will open a selection of applications.  The user can then minimize it to hover on any screen as the user interface is navigated. This is perfect for opening a calculator on top of a spreadsheet or quickly setting an alarm.

·         Easy Chart

With “S Note”, users still have the ability to use the S Pen to take handwritten notes or use handwriting-to-text with access to both note files and notepads. With Easy Chart, hand-drawn data can be instantly transformed into more formal charts and graphs.

Other Cool Stuff

·         A redesigned Twitter application with limited exclusivity to the Galaxy Note 10.1 – 2014 Edition, features S Pen integration and Multi-Window capabilities for a unique Twitter tablet experience.

·         Plenty of perks! Samsung is offering over $600 in perks after you buy and register your Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 – 2014 Edition at You get a $50 credit for Samsung Hub and a $25 credit for Google Play™. New Hulu Plus users get a 3-month membership, and new Boingo users get mobile Wi-Fi access for 12 months. Also, new SiriusXM and Audible users get a 3-month membership, and new Zinio members get a 2-month subscription to 3 digital magazines. All that—plus up to 50GB of Dropbox™ storage—yours for 2 years from the time you set up the app. 

·         A Samsung Apps widget offers users additional content optimized for the new 10.1-inch tablet and other Samsung devices. The new tablet is also equipped with Samsung’s innovative IR remote capability and WatchON, which is a search and recommendation service which makes finding TV shows and on-demand video content faster, easier and more personalized.

The Galaxy Note 10.1 – 2014 Edition 16GB and 32GB versions are available for pre-order now at P.C. Richard & Son, will you be ordering one? Let us know what you think about Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 – 2014 Edition in the comments below.



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