3 Benefits of Owning a Smart Air Conditioner

Spring is officially here, and before you know it, you’ll be planning outdoor parties and cookouts. It’s an exciting time, but fantastic weather comes with a price.

Summertime brings heatwaves!

It’s time to start considering how you’ll cool your home this upcoming season. Sweltering hot days and uncomfortable humid nights need to be confronted with a powerful, arctic-inducing air conditioner. Traditional AC units can certainly get the job done, but recently there’s a new solution to handle your cooling needs more efficiently. The answer is Wi-Fi connected smart air conditioners.

3 benefits of Wi-Fi smart air conditioners and why you should get one this year:

Friedrich Link App 21. Ultimate Convenience

Imagine controlling every aspect of your air conditioner anywhere you have a Wi-Fi connection and smart device. With a smart AC, you can do just that!

You can adjust the fan speed while sitting on the couch or change the temperature while at work if the weather has suddenly changed.

Easily create schedules for running the air conditioner by utilizing an intuitive, free-to-use app. Select on/off times, fan speed, and temperature as you view the week’s weather report or change it on-the-fly wherever and whenever you’d like.

If you happen to own multiple Friedrich Kuhl series air conditioners, you can use the app to create groups of air conditioners similar to a central air system. You can run several units at the same time to effectively cool an entire house, or select individual units for spot cooling a room that receives too much mid-day sun exposure.

Frigid Life 2. Always Stay Comfortable

Have you ever come home to a boiling hot house? It happens all the time.

Either the weatherman got it wrong and it ended up being an 89° scorcher or you didn’t want to leave the air on all day, cooling an empty home. A smart AC can be programmed to match weather patterns in real-time and cool your home accordingly.

Step into a refreshingly chilled room on a hot day or fall asleep in your preferred temperature setting. You don’t have to turn off the air conditioner or figure out complicated menus then readjust the entire week’s schedule for one night of comfort anymore! A few simple presses within the smart AC app are all that’s needed, keeping you comfortable all season long.

Frigid App3. Save Money

You will save money simply by using your air conditioner when it best fits your schedule at the appropriate temperature without sacrificing comfort.

Cranking the AC on a high-setting all day just to feel comfortable when you come home is a thing of the past. Basic 24 hour timers can’t adjust to meet temperature demands once it’s set; it’s either on or off, and the pre-set temperature is locked-in until you manually change it.

Also, these newer ACs have a higher EER (Energy Efficient Ratio) rating then older units. Efficient energy use plus matching the cooling temperature to current weather conditions without over-cooling a room will reduce your energy usage.

When you reduce electrical use, you will lower your utility bill.

There’s nothing better than saving money while remaining comfortable.

Are you ready to elevate your home cooling solution this season? Friedrich, GE, and Frigidaire include smart ACs in their lineup to accommodate any size room and offer the features you need. Check out our entire selection of Smart air conditioners by clicking here, and start saving on energy costs and enjoy a crisp, comfortable setting daily.


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