5 Reasons to Get a Headboard or Upholstered Bed

A new headboard or upholstered bed can be the perfect addition and can completely transform the overall look of your bedroom. Whether you prefer colorful and funky, sleek and modern, or rich and tufted, we’ve got a HUGE assortment to choose from. Browse our brand-new selection of headboards & upholstered beds.

Transform the Look of Your Bedroom 

A headboard or upholstered bed will give your bedroom a cozy and elegant vibe. Similar to a work of art hung on the wall, a headboard or upholstered bed acts as a focal point. Adding one can really complete the look and feel of your room. You can even match it to other accent pieces in your room such as artwork or furniture, creating an artistically coordinated color scheme.

Express Your Style!

Are you renting your space and can’t paint your walls? Don’t want to paint your walls too bright or dark of a shade, but want some color in your life? Choosing a headboard or upholstered bed that matches your personal style will allow you to express yourself without making drastic changes to your bedroom.

Broad Selection

P.C. Richard & Son offers a broad variety of sizes and styles in both headboards and upholstered beds. You can browse hundreds of options to find the one that’s right for you and your home. Our upholstered beds are easy to assemble, and our headboards attach to standard bed frames.



Great Prices for a Wide Range of Budgets 

Browse our plethora of headboards and upholstered beds in many different sizes, textures, styles, and colors. Discover the perfect one for you at the perfect price!

Comfort & Functionality

Leaning up against a wall isn’t very comfortable. If you’re someone who likes to sit up in bed to watch TV or read a book at night, a headboard can serve as a backrest. Plus, having a headboard or upholstered bed can help keep your pillows from sliding off the edge of the bed.

Which style headboard is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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