5 Reasons Why an Outdoor TV Is a Summertime Must-Have

Do you use an indoor TV for your screened-in porch or patio? Do you find that it’s hard to see because of the glare? Not only are you not getting the best picture, but using an indoor TV outside allows moisture and dirt to get into the ventilation holes, which could lead the TV to short circuit. Using a SunBrite outdoor TV  not only provides a brighter picture and eliminates sun glare, but they are specifically designed for outdoor use and a much safer option for you and your family.

Without a doubt, summertime is a great time to add an outdoor TV to your backyard. Plus, having a weatherproof TV allows you to use it all year round.

1.) Convenience: 

The kids are off from school for summer vacation, and it’s the perfect time to spend some time with the family. Watching TVs shows or sports is a great way to spend time together, but why stay inside on a beautiful summer day? With an outdoor television, there’s no need to stop the summertime activities to watch TV! Continue swimming in the pool, make some lunch on the grill, and gather around your patio table. The party will continue without skipping a beat, and there will be some added fun when you can watch a baseball game right in your backyard.

2.) There’s a type for every backyard or patio:

SunBrite has three series designed for different outdoor locations. The Veranda Series is the best choice if you’re going to be watching TV in a low activity, fully-shaded area like a covered patio or screened porch. For higher activity areas with some sunlight such as a canopied deck, the Signature Series is the ideal choice. Then there’s the Pro Series, which is best for areas that are very active and get direct sunlight, like a poolside.

3.) Rain? Wind? Snow? No problem!

All-weather outdoor LED SunBrite TVs are built to withstand rain, snow, dirt, insects, extreme temperatures, and UV rays. These TVs are specially designed to lock out moisture of all kinds, and the cables are protected with a water-tight door. All Pro Series models come with a protective front screen so that the LED panel remains safe in all weather conditions. So, if there’s a summer rainstorm and everyone needs to go inside, there’s no need to worry about your TV. Plus, the SunBrite wall mounts and installation accessories use only stainless steel or specially treated materials, so they won’t get rusty.

4.) Anti-Glare Bright LED Panels

SunBrite TV models made for sun exposure have built-in anti-glare LED panels. If you’ve ever tried to watch TV in your living room with sunlight coming through the window, you’ll know the struggle of sun glare all too well. When a TV is in the bright light of outside, sun glare is made even more obvious. That’s why SunBrite TV full and partial sun models have anti-reflective screens, eliminating that annoying sun glare.

5.) Plan an Outdoor Movie Night!

Who can resist an outdoor movie night!? With a SunBrite TV, your backyard will definitely be the hot spot this summer. Put out some picnic blankets and gather around with friends and family. Make some popcorn with a popcorn maker, and you’re all set!

Whatever your favorite summertime activity is, you can continue doing it without having to go inside to watch your favorite shows. Learn more about these incredible outdoor televisions here.


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  • The Outdoor TV Guy

    Thanks for the run-down. I install televisions and come across a lot of people using standard “indoor” TVs in their outdoor entertainment areas. I get the perceived cost benefit but there is a real risk here that you allude to in the opening paragraph of your article that people should bear in mind. Outdoor TVs are specifically designed to keep moisture out, and ventilate excessive heat (through direct sunlight for example) away from the TV components. We all know what condensed droplets mixing with electricity do, and overheating is a leading cause of short-circuits in electronics. Your indoor TV hack may save you money up-front but if you cause a fire it suddenly becomes an very expensive choice. We agree that SunBriteTVs products are the way to go at the moment. Here’s another cool article that deals with the pro’s and cons in detail. http://www.outeraudio.com/best-outdoor-tv/