5 Tips for Getting Your A/C Summer-Ready

Whether you’re at the beach all day or out and about chillin’ and grillin’, you’re going to want to come back to a cool home. In order for your air conditioner to work its best, it’s important to properly maintain it. Prepping your A/C before you use it for the season could help prevent costly repairs, improve efficiency, and reduce energy consumption. Be sure to also check out your A/C’s manual for instructions before doing any maintenance work. Here’s some tips to get you started…

1.) Cleaning or replacing your A/C’s air filter is more important than you think
You should clean your A/C’s air filter and make sure there’s no build up of dust, which tends to happen over time. Be sure your unit is turned off before cleaning it. To clean and care for your filter and unit properly, read the directions in your manual as each model is different. Inspect your A/C air filter for tears and scratches, and replace it if needed. Cleaning it about once a month is beneficial, but if you have allergies, it’s a good idea to clean it more often. Be sure to let it air dry completely before reinstalling it.

Regular cleanings will help your filter last longer. It will also help clean the air in your home, preventing dust from blowing around the room. If you don’t clean the dirt out of your air filter, the coil won’t be able to work properly and can cause your unit to overheat and burn out.

2.) Clean your A/C’s condenser coils
Your air conditioner’s condenser coils should be cleaned once per season. The air conditioner’s cabinet will need to be removed to clean the condenser coils. You could clean them by using compressed air or gently using a brush with soft bristles and household cleaner in a spray bottle to wipe away the dirt. See if your manual has any special directions on how to clean and care for your model’s condenser coils, and follow these steps.

If the condenser coils aren’t cleaned, dirt could build up, causing your A/C to work harder to cool your space. If your A/C is working harder than it needs to, this could increase energy consumption and your electric bill.

3.) Clear away debris
Check inside the unit to see if any debris has collected during the off season. You’ll want to clear away any leaves, twigs, weeds, dust, dirt, or mold. Clearing away collected debris before you run your A/C for the summer can protect the unit and keep it running more efficiently.

4.) Make sure there’s no critters inside

If your A/C was left uncovered in your window during the winter season, be sure to check for insect and animal nests. You can avoid unwanted debris and things getting inside the unit if you store it inside a closet or in your basement during the winter. If you need to leave it inside the window all year round, be sure to cover it. 

5.) Prep the area
Think about where you’d like your A/C this summer. Do you want it in the same room as last year? What part of your home do you want the coolest? If you have a portable air conditioner, it’s especially easy to move it to another spot in your home. We recommend keeping your A/C in the room you’re in most often, like your living room or bedroom.

Clean the room in which you’re planning on installing your A/C. Vacuum, dust, and clean the window and windowsill if you have a window A/C. The less dust surrounding the unit the better… you don’t want dust to get uplifted and blown around the room when you start up your A/C. Dust floating around in the air could be an allergy trigger, making you sneeze and feel congested.

If you haven’t already gotten an A/C, find the right one for your home right here, or stop by one of our showrooms. Our friendly and knowledgeable salespeople can help you find the perfect A/C to keep your home nice and cool this summer. We have everything from window A/Cs to portable A/Cs and more. Be sure to also check out our Wi-Fi connected smart A/Cs that you can control right from your smartphone! They offer ultimate convenience, always keep your home at a comfy temperature, and help you save money on cooling costs.

What’re your tips to prep your A/C for summer? Let us know in the comments.


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