9 Items You Need to Host the Ultimate Basketball Party

March is upon us, which means it’s time for America to begin its annual collective freak-out over basketball tournaments. While this might seem like an exercise in insanity to an outsider, it’s actually pretty cool. People use this as an opportunity to throw parties, reunite with friends, or bond with their families. If you’re planning to host a basketball party, make it the most memorable event of the year with some of the following items:


Haier TV

If you’ve already signed on to host this shindig, I assume you have a TV in your home (or your guests are going to be a bit disappointed). What you might not have is a good TV. If you want to fully enjoy the tourney experience, check out the amazing deals you can get on HD LED TVs!

2. Speakers


Make sure everyone can hear the game over all the passionate yelling and celebrating with a quality speaker system. These are also great for outdoor festivities, which it’s looking like will be a possibility in the very near future!

3. Beverage Dispensing Machine

HIsense Chill3

Imagine how cool it would be to have an actual vending machine in your home! This is an achievable dream. Chill by Hisense is the ultimate personal home beverage dispensing machine, and it is guaranteed to be a hit when you’re entertaining.

4. Beverage Center

Beverage dispenser

If a vending machine seems like a bit much to you, you can keep your drinks cool and easily accessible by having a beverage center nearby. This one features pull-out shelves, precision electronic temperature control, and space to store up to 138 twelve-ounce cans.

5. Popcorn Maker

Popcorn Maker

I know we’re escaping convention a bit here, but consider how much fun this would be. Popcorn is typically associated more with films than sports, but either way, you’re watching something on a screen, and a popcorn maker seems appropriate. This would be an especially big hit among kids at family events.

6. Beer Dispenser

Beer Dispenser

These are only available in stores, but if you have the ability to go out and pick one up, your company will absolutely love the convenience of a beer dispenser.

7. Wine Cooler

Wine Cooler

If your guests are more into wine, keep a wine fridge stocked with your favorites. There are a variety of options in different price ranges available on our website, and any of them would be a classy way to offer drinks to your guests.

8. Grill


Turn your party into a barbeque by cooking dinner on the grill. With the weather we’ve been having lately, you may want to take things outdoors. Getting outside always makes things more fun, especially when we’ve been stuck indoors for so long. If you get a portable electric grill, you’ll be able to decide its location based on the weather.

This is an opportunity to spend time with friends and family while you cheer on your bracket and experience the entire spectrum of human emotion in one month. We hope these products will make it even more memorable and build on your traditions.

What are your plans for the upcoming tourney? Tell us how you’re planning to celebrate in the comments!


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