Amazing Advances in Appliances to Make Your Life Easier

As the world gets smarter, so do our appliances! Brands like Samsung, Whirlpool, and Beko have come up with some innovative advances to make our daily responsibilities more convenient. Here are some of the coolest ones that are setting new standards for home appliances!

Samsung Family Hub

Samsung Family Hub

This is everything you never knew you needed in a refrigerator. It takes a picture of the inside of your fridge every time the door closes, so you can check the contents on your smart phone while you’re out shopping. Download apps to order groceries, look up recipes, leave notes for the family, share photos, play music, search the internet, and even mirror whatever you’re watching on your Smart TV!

Whirlpool Load & Go

Whirlpool Load & Go

The Whirlpool Load & Go system provides a refillable cartridge that holds enough detergent for twelve loads of laundry. It automatically releases the proper amount during the cycle, and it will let you know when it’s running low.

Samsung Addwash


This advanced washing machine has the largest capacity in its class, allowing you to wash more in less time. The door within a door makes it easy to add items to the cycle without having to pause as it’s going. It even uses Steam Wash to get rid of stains that haven’t been pretreated!

Samsung Activewash


A built-in sink and water jet provides a convenient station for easy pre-washing and stain removal.

Beko Everfresh+

Everfresh+ regulates humidity, keeping fruits and vegetables fresh for up to thirty days. Watch it in action!

Beko Active Fresh Blue Light

Beko Blue Light

Blue light technology continues the process of photosynthesis in the fridge, allowing fruits and vegetables to maintain a long storage life with maximum freshness, taste, and nutrition.

Beko IonGuard

Beko IonGuard

IonGuard created an antibacterial effect by neutralizing bacteria, viruses, and particles that cause effluvia.

Beko Heat Pump Technology

Beko Heat Pump

Heat Pump dryers use hot air and an evaporator to absorb and remove moisture from your laundry after a wash. These dryers are much better for the environment, using almost half the energy conventional models use.

pureWash Pro

The pureWash Pro is easy to install, and it disinfects your laundry with little to no detergent, using smart technology to infuse activated oxygen into your cycle’s water.

Do you have any of these in your home? Are you planning to upgrade to the latest technology? Let us know in the comments!


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  • Mehek

    Very well said on your blog, Advanced Home Appliances really make our Life Easier. These Home Appliances like washing machine, fridge, Microwave etc make our daily responsibilities more convenient, quicker and easier.

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