Blog Ticket Giveaway: Enter to Win Tickets to See Big Time Rush at the P.C. Richard & Son Theater

We’re celebrating Valentine’s Day after school with Big Time Rush at the P.C. Richard & Son Theater on February 14. You can enter for a chance to win tickets to this exclusive event at, and now right here through our blog!

What We’re Giving Away

8 lucky winners will receive 2 tickets to the Big Time Rush after school event show at the P.C. Richard & Son Theater. Transportation will NOT be provided with this blog giveaway.

How to Enter

You have several ways to enter to win these Big Time Rush tickets. You can enter using each of the methods below:

  1. 1 entry: Leave a comment on this post about why you love Big Time Rush and/or P.C. Richard & Son.
  2. 1 entry: Like us on Facebook and leave a comment on this post saying you’ve done so with your full name so that we can match it.
  3. 1 entry per day: Follow us on Twitter and tweet the following message:@pcrichardandson I entered to win tix to see Big Time Rush at the P.C. Richard & Son Theater! . Make sure you comment back on this post with a link to the tweet. You can enter once per day via Twitter until Wednesday, February 9 at midnight.
  4. 1 entry: If you have a blog of your own, post about this contest with a link back to this page. Comment on this post with a link to your post.
  5. 1 entry: Subscribe to the P.C. Richard & Son e-mail list here, then comment on this post telling us you subscribed.
  6. 1 entry: Sign up for your free P.C. Richard & Son Theater membership, then comment on this post telling us you did so.

Please leave 1 comment per entry and put your full name and e-mail address in the appropriate fields. Your e-mail address will not be visible to anyone else but me. For example, if I was John Smith, my email was, and I entered by liking us on Facebook and subscribing to the e-mail list, I would leave two separate comments like this:

Name: John Smith
Comment: I liked you on Facebook! Facebook name is Jonathan Smith.

Name: John Smith
Comment: I subscribed to your emails! E-mail address is above.

This contest will run from February 2, 2011 to midnight on February 9. The winner will be selected by random drawing and will be contacted by email. For the complete rules, please click here. This contest is open to legal residents of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut who are 13 years of age or older. If you are under 18 years of age you must have a parent or guardian with you in order to claim your tickets.

Good luck! Note: All comments MUST be approved by an administrator before they will appear, so if you don’t see your comments right away, don’t panic!


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  • Nicole

    I liked you on Facebook! Facebook name is Nicolee Cristina
    I subscribed to your emails! E-mail address is above.

    I am a HUGE fan of Big Time Rush and it would be AMAZING to see them in concert and even meet them!!
    P.C Richard and Son have great deals and i shop there a lot and they are awesome for holding this contest!! please pick me! thanks!

  • Nicole

    Hey! I love big time rush SO SO MUCH!!! They are amazing and I am SUCH a HUGE FAN!!! and a great inspiration and if i met them i would probably die! I love P.C. Richard and Son for many reasons, one my family and i shop there a lot and get great deals on many things. Two, they are awesome for holding this contest and having good opportunities for people to see their favorite bands preform! Thanks again for holding this and PLEASE PICK ME! I have done everything that applies! It is one of my dreams to meet them!!

  • I just liked you on Facebook, PC Richard and Son!

  • Dawn Lyons

    I’m trying to win this for my daughter because she loves BTR. It’s her bday Monday and I would love for her to meet them.
    As for myself, I love PC Richard & Son…what great deals they have!

  • Alexia

    i just entered on the email list please please pick me im trying soo hard 🙂 <3

  • stacey malakoff

    hi my daughter loves big time rush and would love to meet them…..thank you for this chance to win….. hope you pick me 🙂

  • Allie Malakoff

    Ahhh i love big time rush!!!! i would love to meet them. like liegt my DREAM!!!! i am deff big time rush’s number 1 fan!!! thank you so much for this opportunity

  • Emily Brant

    I love P.C. Richard and Son because they have everything I’m looking for at a reasonable price! I also think it’s pretty cool they run all these contests and give everyone a fair chance

  • Emily Brant

    I’m Emily Brant and saying I love Big Time Rush is a understatement!
    For one, they’re so talented. They can sing and dance, but never let that get to their head. They truly love their fans and always find ways to give back to them. They actually care. Which is hard to find in this industry. Carlos, Logan, Kendall, and James show you dreams can come true. They show you to chase your dreams and never give up.
    Second, I watch their show on nick everyday with my friends. We actually roll on the floor in fits of laughter and they bring a smile to face.
    Third, There songs makes me smile whenever I hear them. They’re amazing singers and their voices sound amazing together. If I’m having a bad day I turn on their music and find a smile on my face while I dance around my room. If I feel down, I can jam out to their music having the feeling there singing right to me.
    Lastly, everyone can relate to them. Even if they are famous they act like themselves and everyone, boy or girl, can see a little bit of themselves in them. They make me smile and laugh till I cry.
    Everyone else is doing this to I know, but I know I’m the biggest Big Time Rush fan ever. I check everyday for new episodes, and new songs on itunes. I truly love them, not for their fame but for who they are.

  • My Name is Valeria Iacobucci
    I’m A P.C. Richard & Son Theater member!!

  • Karen Maloy

    I subsribed to your emails…email is above
    (I know I did this before but forgot about email is above part)

  • My Name is Valeria Iacobucci
    and I subscribed your emailing list!

  • Karen Maloy

    I tweeted the message:

    karen maloy
    @PCRichardandSon I entered to win tix to see Big Time Rush at the P.C. Richard & Son Theater! .

  • My name is Valeria Iacobucci
    I followed and tweeted!!

  • Nicole Reyes

    I signed up for P.C. Richard & Son’s theater membership!

  • Nicole Reyes

    I subscribed to your e-mail list!

  • Karen Maloy

    I am a mother of a 16 yr old that is the BIGGEST Big Time Rush fan by far! Maggie, my daughter watches “BTR” every chance she gets, has their album and knows all the words to every song. Her favorite is Logan and talks about him all the time. She just turned sweet 16 on January 21st and this would make the best belated birthday gift I could give her. I know that you have a lot of fans that really want to win but I am BEGGGING from the bottom of my heart to give Maggie this once in a lifetime opportunity to meet her idols. I will eternally greatful and be “The Best Mom In The World” if you choose me! Thanks!

  • Nicole Reyes

    I liked you on Facebook! Facebook name is Nicole Pinkcookiexp Reyes.

  • Lauren Oropallo

    I love Big Time Rush and PC Richard and Son!!!! Big Time Rush is Amazing!!!!

  • Nicole Reyes

    I love Big Time Rush because they are an incredible music group with catchy songs that can easily get stuck in your head! All of the band members have amazing voices and are great actors on the show! To see them perform at least once would be a dream come true and indeed a true blessing.

  • Hi My name is
    Valeria Iacobucci
    (Valeria Mora on Facebook)
    And I liked the PC Richard & Son Facebook page!!~


  • Alexia

    I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!

  • Alexia

    Im already on the e-mail list and im a membership so i couldn’t get any entries!! i <3 them and want to see them soo bad Please pick me!!!!!

  • joanne silk

    i just joined the pc richard and sons email list.

  • i love big time rush – they are awesome – esp. kendall – and i got my tv at pc richards

  • Alexia

    I had already liked you guys on face book so i couldn’t do it again. My name is Alexia Mary please please pick me for a pair of tickets

  • Alexia

    OMG!!!! I want to win these tickets soo bad!!! Big Time Rush is the GREATEST band in the entire world!! I love them. I love all there songs-espesially Big Night- and there there all sooo cute. I’ve made them all bracelets and Really want to go to this concert and bring my sister. I love P.C Richard and son theater because their having this concert!!! Please please let me win tickets!! <3<3<3

  • Giselle

    I loked you on Facebook! Facebook name is Giselle Øyvitzel.

  • Ariella

    I signed up for a membership at the P.C. Richard and Son website!!

  • Angelica

    I liked you on Facebook! Facebook name is Angelica Medina.

  • Ariella

    I signed up for the e-mail list!

  • Ariella

    I liked you on facebook!

  • Ariella

    I tweeted you!

  • Ariella

    I LOVE Big Time Rush because they have such AWESOME music. They also seem really fun and energetic, just the kind of guys I would want to hang out with!! I’m sure a lot of my friends look down on me becuase I love them, BUT I DON’T CARE!!!!! I LOVE BIG TIME RUSH AND I AM PROUD!!!!!!!!!! (seriosly, I actually shouted that in the street once).

  • I liked you on Facebook! Facebook name is Lisa Lok.

  • Caity Grand

    I have been doing everything to win tickets for my roommate and myself! We love to bond over BTR! I have tweeted, liked, commented and done anything else to enter to win tickets!! 🙂

  • Emily Brant

    I signed subscribed yo you e-mail list!

  • Emily Brant

    My names Emily Brant and i liked you on facebook!

  • Emily Brant
  • Caity

    College girls love BTR.

  • i just signed up and activated my new P.C. Richard & Son Theater membership!

  • Patricia

    I have two daughters that would love to go see Big Time Rush! Please choose me to win I would be so thankful of it

  • Kristine Gaddi

    I signed up for your P.C. Richard & Son Theater membership! 🙂

  • Jennifer Freda

    Signed for email!

  • I subscribed to the P.C Richard and son mailing list!

  • Jennifer Freda
  • i liked your facebook page! my full name is jaime weisbrot on facebook

  • Jennifer Freda

    Jennifer Freda – Fb Liked!

  • Jennifer Freda

    My daughter is obsessed w/ them! She’s always laughing while watching the show! She loves their singing. I think they have great talent and are great role models!

  • i tweeted about the contest on twitter today! 2/3/11!/itsjaimex3/status/33305165415063553