Cablevision Subscribers: How to Watch FOX and the World Series

If you’re a Cablevision subscriber hurting for your favorite FOX shows or are just curious about the dispute, you’ve probably seen the notifications Cablevision is now broadcasting mentioning that FOX is free over the air. Over-the-air channels like FOX are easily accessible with a TV antenna and still comes in HD with surround sound, so you can still enjoy Glee, the World Series, and other FOX programming at no additional cost and with the same quality as a Cablevision cable box.

We have several antenna models available in store (with a slightly larger selection) and online. Before you purchase a TV antenna, check this website to see which direction to point your antenna to based on your address. Make sure to select towers broadcasting FOX on the right-hand side and uncheck everything else. If you live further than 70 miles from a tower or have obstructions around your home, note that it may be difficult to pick up a clear signal. Ask your favorite P.C. Richard & Son sales associate which TV antenna is right for you.

Do you feel like you’re taking a step back in time by installing a TV antenna?


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