The P.C. Richard & Son App is Now Available on iTunes!

We’ve released our new P.C. Richard & Son app, and we want you to check it out! This is a great tool for researching products or checking stocks of in-store items on the go. You can also peruse our latest Hot Deals, read customer reviews, find your closest Superstore and more with the touch of a button and more without having to load up your phone’s internet browser. The app is quick to download, easy to use, and will come in handy whenever you’re shopping for appliances, electronics or video games.

How It Works

As soon as you load up the app it starts importing the entire catalog for you to browse easily. This process only takes about a second depending on your connection.

You are then taken to a screen to begin browsing all of our main product categories.

Once you drill down to the products, you can see their price, reviews, and photos.

Once you find a product you like, you can view further information about it including product specs and inventory levels at the Superstores closest to you.

The store listing will give you the address, phone number, hours of operation, the number of miles you are away and the current inventory levels.

The map shows the store you chose and additional features of that particular store location.

This app is now available free through the iTunes App Store, so download it today! Search “pc richard” on your phone to access it directly. If you enjoy it, please don’t forget to rate it on iTunes!


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5 FREE BlackBerry Applications to Keep You Productive

P.C. Richard & Son has a variety of app-ready Verzion BlackBerry smartphones available. With thousands of downloadable applications from BlackBerry App World, it’s difficult to find the perfect app to suit your needs. Here are 5 high-quality apps to increase productivity, and they’re free!

If you could only download one app for your BlackBerry, Viigo  should be at the top of your list. This free application has something for everyone and gives you one-click access to news, weather, entertainment, live sports scores/schedules, markets, stock portfolios, flight schedules/status, movies, shopping, Twitter and more. You can also wirelessly browse, subscribe to, download and listen to your favorite podcasts on the go. Your days of typing URLs and waiting for your browser to load your daily sites are over.

Download Viigo from BlackBerry App World

WHERE is your one-stop shop for everything in your local area. They have it all: Restaurant recommendations, movie listings, cheapest gas prices, traffic updates, location-enabled coupons and more. You can also save your favorite places to “My Stuff” for easy access later. This is a great app for finding new places and exploring!

Download WHERE from BlackBerry App World

Vlingo converts your BlackBerry to a hands-free device and enables you to speak to open other apps, update your Facebook and Twitter status, call a friend, search the web with Google or Yahoo!, and send a text to other Vlingo BlackBerry users for free. Paid features include sending a text or e-mail to any contact, speak text to most applications, and use instant messaging services all with your voice. This is a great way to stay safe on the road if you REALLY need to respond to a text, though note that that’s not advisable. Paired with the free app you’ll virtually never have to type on your BlackBerry again!

Download Vlingo from BlackBerry App World

BeamExplorer File Manager
Conveniently manage the files stored on your BlackBerry like you would on your computer. Cut, copy, paste, rename or delete your files, access your content automatically using their appropriate applications, create new Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, search your files, zip and unzip, and attach your files to e-mail messages, all for free! This application works with with the BeamReader PDF Viewer to open PDF files as well.

Download BeamExplorer File Manager from BlackBerry App World

Do you have a lot of people you correspond with over e-mail, but never make it into your contact list? Let Gwabbit scan incoming e-mails, find contacts, and put them into your contact list for you! How does it work? According to the description, “The client monitors opened emails. If a signature is found, the client prompts the user, and asks if the user wants to save it. It also searches the local address book to see if an address entry exists for that sender, and if so, asks the user whether he wants the information merged into the existing contact, or a new contact be created.” This free version lets your contacts know they’ve been added via Gwabbit, but the paid version does not.

Download Gwabbit from BlackBerry App World

What BlackBerry applications do you use to enhance your productivity?


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The future is here: Samsung launches their first line of 3D TVs

View the 3D TVs we have available:

Samsung 46″ 3D Ready LED 1080p HDTV
Samsung 55″ 3D Ready LED 1080p HDTV

Movies like Avatar and Monsters vs. Aliens have showed us how absorbing a 3D experience can be in a theater. Samsung is bringing this same captivating 3D experience to your home with their new line of 3D LED TVs, complete with Samsung Apps. Following the flat screen revolution, this combination of 3D entertainment and downloadable applications is an impressive next step in the development of television sets.

Similar to the 3D theater experience, these TVs require each viewer to wear a pair of Samsung 3D Active Glasses to experience the 3D content. 3D glasses that you get in the movie theater now will not work on these TVs, as 3D TV glasses use active liquid crystal shutter technology that movie theater 3D glasses do not.

Should you wish to watch TV the old-fashioned way, these 3D TVs are able to broadcast 2D content easily. The 2D output’s picture quality is as clear as non-3D models. You can also watch 2D programming in 3D!

Samsung Apps are also included on the 3D sets and allows you access to a wide range of the same kinds of apps you’d find on your mobile phone; including Pandora, Twitter, YouTube, Skype, Monopoly and more. Netflix and Blockbuster movies will be conveniently streamable on-demand right through your broadband connection.

With this 3D format comes 3D Blu-ray players and special programming just for these televisions. 3D Blu-Ray players are currently available, ESPN has announced that they will be the first 3D TV network by the end of 2010, and Sony has announced that the existing PlayStation 3 console will support 3D Blu-ray playback via a simple software update, making it a great buy with the Samsung sets. Until 3D broadcasting and the PlayStation 3 releases their firmware update later this year, however, a 3D Blu-Ray player is necessary to take full advantage of the 3D technology now.

Check out more about the Samsung 3D LED TVs.


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