Keeping Your Devices Safe In The Cold


Stepping out into the bitter cold does not only have an effect on you, but the blast of arctic temperatures could put your electronics on thin ice! Smartphones, notebooks, tablets, and laptops can all lose functionality as the temperature drops. Here are some problems that may occur during these chilly days:

Battery Drain: Is the most common and most immediate effects of cold weather. Your device may spontaneously power off with a dead battery in extreme cold. If your smartphone is exposed to cold temperatures for an extended period of time, you risk killing the battery altogether.

Screen Issues: LCD displays on smartphones, Apple iPads or Android tablets are sensitive to the cold. Users may experience delayed touchscreen reactions as well as smudging or ghosting of images. The cold weather makes the panel more rigid, which makes it more likely to shatter if dropped.

Internal Component errors: In extreme cold temperatures, smartphones and mobile devices may begin to register various errors of their internal components. Smartphones may have difficulty reading a SIM card or executing any number of processing  operations.

Physical Damage to Internal/External Components:  Mobile devices that are subjected to extreme cold  can cause both internal/external components to become rigid, which could lead to physical damage such as spontaneous screen shattering. Leaving devices in extreme cold temperatures for an extend ed period of time can cause permanent damage.

Liquid Condensation: When used too quickly after bringing your device in from the the cold, your mobile devices are susceptible to liquid condensation underneath their displays. This can cause various liquid damage issues and make your display screen hard to read.

Now that you are familiar with the problems that can occur with your mobile devices in cold weather, here are tips to help prevent it.

Tip #1

Try not too take your devices out in cold weather, or if you have to, limit the use.  Keep your devices in your jacket pocket, bag or purse to limit exposure to the direct cold.

Tip #2

Protect your devices with a case. For smartphones, use a heavy duty, weatherproof case such as a Lifeproof or Otterbox.  For laptops or tablets, get a well insulated and well padded case.

Tip #3

Never leave your smartphone, notebook, tablet, iPad or any other mobile device in your cold vehicle for extended periods of time. Even with a case, such extended time left in the cold can cause permanent internal and external damage.

Tip #4

In addition to protecting your devices from the cold weather, you should keep your devices out of the snow. Dropping your device in the snow causes it to get wet and this can be extremely damaging. If your device does get wet, you should get indoors (to keep the seeped water from freezing), remove the battery, take out the SIM card (if the device has one), dry the device with a clear microfiber cloth or paper towel and then put the device in an air-tight container with packets of silica gel to absorb the moisture. It has also been said submerging your wet device in a pot or bowl of uncooked rice can help remove moisture from it.

Tip #5

Laptop hard drives can freeze from the cold. It is recommended that you let your laptop warm up to room temperature before using it. This is a good rule a thumb to use for all mobile devices that have spent extended time in cold weather.

Tip #6

NEVER use pocket warmers or other warmers not intended for mobile devices to try and keep them warm.  These warmers  are not designed for that purpose and can create other issues. For example, generating too much heat can cause internal components to melt.

Tip #7

You can keep your laptop warm by changing the power settings to power save mode. This keeps the laptop warm as it continues to run, and instead of shutting down the hard drive, it keeps it spinning. The longer the laptop can be kept running, the warmer it will stay as it generates its own heat.

Tip #8

If you find your smartphone has shut off, don’t start it back up immediately. Condensation can form inside your device if you turn it on while it’s still cold.

Tip #9

Charge your smartphone before going outside. If your battery is fully charged before going into the cold, it is less likely to experience battery drain. For all your mobile devices, keep a mobile charger around for long trips as well as an extra battery for backup.

Tip #10

Make sure to check your manufacturer’s temporal guidelines. For example, Apple products can operate in temperatures between 32 and 95 degrees.

We hope this post will help you keep your devices protected from the cold days ahead. Remember, if you can, avoid or limit use of your electronics in the cold. Stay warm!


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7 Things You May Not Know P.C. Richard & Son Carries

Sure, P.C. Richard & Son is known as the appliance and electronics giant, but did you know we carry things like music keyboards, hair dryers and waffle makers? We even still carry cassette Walkman. Here are a few other things you may not have known we have available:

1. Portable TV

FLO TV allows you to watch 5 hours of TV on a 3.5″ touchscreen with a single battery charge anywhere, anytime. It includes a unique variety of live, simulcast, and time-shifted programming on channels that include ABC Mobile, Adult Swim Channel, CBS Mobile, CNBC, COMEDY CENTRAL, The Disney Channel, ESPN, FOX Mobile, FOX News Channel, MSNBC, MTV, NBC 2Go, and Nickelodeon that stream via a dedicated nationwide network. For more on the FLO TV, check out our blog post here.

2. Verizon Wireless Phones

Did you know that you can pay your Verizon bill, activate or upgrade a new phone, and purchase mobile accessories from inside participating P.C. Richard & Son locations? You’ll get the same services offered at any other Verizon Wireless store from the same Verizon Wireless experts. Avoid the lines at the other stores and come give us a try! We also have Verizon products available online.

3. Video Security Systems

Give yourself peace of mind with a video security system installed in your home. They can be used both inside and outside, are weather resistant, and record in low light so you can always monitor movement on your property. Some also come with a built-in microphone to record sound and are wireless for easy setup and use.

4. Dictionaries and Translators

Looking for the definition of a word, need a quick spell check or want to find a synonym for a paper? A portable dictionary is the perfect solution, especially for students. English-Spanish dictionaries are available, too. We also carry the Franklin Spelling Ace Pro & Puzzle Solver, which includes a spelling bee list with 5 levels, 8 games, and Fun with Spanish and Fun with French.

5. Video Games & Consoles

Have you seen the new look of our video games page? Take a moment to check it out. You’ll see that we have the hottest new release and preorder titles, as well as recently price dropped and clearance games for all consoles. Our Video Game Rewards Program grants you a $50 gift card good for anything we carry for every 1000 points you earn, too!

6. Single-Serve Coffee

Everyone loves single-serve coffee makers to ensure they’re getting a fresh kick to their day. Our newly-launched coffee center offers everything you need for your coffee addiction, including coffee makers and single serve coffee cups in a variety of flavors.

7. Car Stereos & Mobile Entertainment

Not only do we carry car stereos, we also install them at P.C. Richard & Son Mobile Installation Center locations! Our installations are guaranteed for life and are free with car stereo purchases of $129 and up. We also have GPS navigation systems, radar detectors, remote starters and security systems, speakers and amplifiers available.

What’s your favorite product at P.C. Richard & Son? Let us know in the comments!


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5 FREE BlackBerry Applications to Keep You Productive

P.C. Richard & Son has a variety of app-ready Verzion BlackBerry smartphones available. With thousands of downloadable applications from BlackBerry App World, it’s difficult to find the perfect app to suit your needs. Here are 5 high-quality apps to increase productivity, and they’re free!

If you could only download one app for your BlackBerry, Viigo  should be at the top of your list. This free application has something for everyone and gives you one-click access to news, weather, entertainment, live sports scores/schedules, markets, stock portfolios, flight schedules/status, movies, shopping, Twitter and more. You can also wirelessly browse, subscribe to, download and listen to your favorite podcasts on the go. Your days of typing URLs and waiting for your browser to load your daily sites are over.

Download Viigo from BlackBerry App World

WHERE is your one-stop shop for everything in your local area. They have it all: Restaurant recommendations, movie listings, cheapest gas prices, traffic updates, location-enabled coupons and more. You can also save your favorite places to “My Stuff” for easy access later. This is a great app for finding new places and exploring!

Download WHERE from BlackBerry App World

Vlingo converts your BlackBerry to a hands-free device and enables you to speak to open other apps, update your Facebook and Twitter status, call a friend, search the web with Google or Yahoo!, and send a text to other Vlingo BlackBerry users for free. Paid features include sending a text or e-mail to any contact, speak text to most applications, and use instant messaging services all with your voice. This is a great way to stay safe on the road if you REALLY need to respond to a text, though note that that’s not advisable. Paired with the free app you’ll virtually never have to type on your BlackBerry again!

Download Vlingo from BlackBerry App World

BeamExplorer File Manager
Conveniently manage the files stored on your BlackBerry like you would on your computer. Cut, copy, paste, rename or delete your files, access your content automatically using their appropriate applications, create new Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, search your files, zip and unzip, and attach your files to e-mail messages, all for free! This application works with with the BeamReader PDF Viewer to open PDF files as well.

Download BeamExplorer File Manager from BlackBerry App World

Do you have a lot of people you correspond with over e-mail, but never make it into your contact list? Let Gwabbit scan incoming e-mails, find contacts, and put them into your contact list for you! How does it work? According to the description, “The client monitors opened emails. If a signature is found, the client prompts the user, and asks if the user wants to save it. It also searches the local address book to see if an address entry exists for that sender, and if so, asks the user whether he wants the information merged into the existing contact, or a new contact be created.” This free version lets your contacts know they’ve been added via Gwabbit, but the paid version does not.

Download Gwabbit from BlackBerry App World

What BlackBerry applications do you use to enhance your productivity?


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