What is a Slide-In Range?

It’s not every day you buy a new stove for your kitchen, so it’s normal to be unfamiliar with some range-related terminology. One particular phrase that may have taken you off guard is “slide-in range,” and we’re here to give you a quick lesson on what it means. If you’re shopping for a new range – and especially if you’re seeking a built-in look – a slide-in range may just be the perfect choice!

This style’s name has to do with the awaiting space and the finished look, rather than the physical action of moving the oven. (Trust us, we are well aware that most ranges require sliding-in during installation!) A slide-in design creates a seamless look, sitting flush with … Read more...

Can Gas Ranges Run Without Electricity?

Suppose your home temporarily loses power, but you still need to use your gas range. Is there anything to be done? We’ve got information on your options for using your gas range sans electricity!

How Do Gas Burners Work?

You know the clicking sound you hear when you’re lighting a gas burner? That’s the sound of the burner’s electric ignitor creating small sparks. When you turn the burner’s dial to the “Ignite” or “Lite” position, the sparking begins to happen as gas is released through the small holes in the burner. The spark ignites the gas, and a flame appears. However, if there’s no available electricity, there won’t be any spark, so you’re responsible for lighting it up.

How to


How Does a Self-Cleaning Oven Work?

Short answer: Heat, and lots of it!

Slightly longer answer: An oven’s self-cleaning function uses extremely hot temperatures to disintegrate the food debris that’s dirtying up the interior, saving you the trouble of tedious scrubbing with harsh chemical cleaners. This function usually takes several hours from start to finish, with the oven door automatically locked for safety the entire time. While self-cleaning ovens are incredibly convenient and can save plenty of time and effort, there are some important points to be aware of to maximize safe operation. Here are some key tips for using a self-cleaning oven!


How Often Should I Use My Oven’s Self-Cleaning Function?

Your oven’s self-cleaning sessions should be few and far between. The extreme temperatures … Read more...

Induction vs. Gas vs. Electric Cooktops

It’s time: you’ve decided to upgrade your kitchen’s cooking capabilities in the form of a new cooktop or range! Since the advent of induction cooking has brought a third option to the “Gas or Electric” dilemma, we’ve decided to take a look at the most notable differences between induction and those two classic options. Read on, and get a better idea of the perfect choice for your kitchen!

Induction vs. Gas Range

  • Simply put, many people are loyal to gas cooking because it’s the method most familiar to them. Many chefs prefer to use a cooking method they already know inside and out instead of switching to one they’ve never used before. When pitting induction cooktop vs gas cooktop, gas

What is Induction Cooking?

If you’ve recently been browsing for a new range or cooktop, you’ve probably seen the word “induction” come up often. You may be curious as to what it means, and how induction cooking works. It may feel risky to venture away from the comfort and predictability of the gas or electric cooktops you’ve known your whole life, but read on and learn more about this amazing cooking method. It’s incredibly efficient, it’s remarkably safe, and it may be the perfect addition to your kitchen!

How Does Induction Cooking Work?

You probably know that friction creates heat, right? Rubbing your hands together makes them warm, and rubbing them together faster makes them even warmer. This is pretty much the idea behind … Read more...

Self-Cleaning vs. Non-Self-Cleaning Ovens: Things to Consider

When it comes to being productive in the kitchen, automated appliances can make cooking tasks go quicker and easier. Such is often the case with self-cleaning ovens. Decide if a self-cleaning unit is right for you when you consider the following:

Advantages of Self-Cleaning Ovens

The benefits of owning a self-cleaning oven are many. Here are just a few reasons why it pays to get a one that cleans itself:


No need to toil away scrubbing spilled, baked on casserole out of the bottom of the oven. Simply turn on the self-cleaning feature, and you’ll soon see a sparkling-clean oven interior once again.

They’re energy efficient

Self-cleaning ovens feature especially well-insulated doors and walls. This is necessary because the … Read more...