About Remote Starters

I love the remote starter I got installed in my car last year. It’s becoming colder and colder these days, and even now I find myself starting my car from inside the house so I don’t have to shiver on the way to work. However, aside from the comfort of getting into a toasty-warm car in the winter or an air conditioned car in the summer, there are several other advantages to getting a remote starter:

  • Warming up your car after a snow and ice ice storm helps melt the accumulation, allowing you to easily clean the car off and increase visibility.
  • Warming up a car before driving it allows the engine oil to become more viscous and provides more lubrication, which is beneficial for the engine.
  • A remote starter is a great selling point come time to resell your vehicle.

If you don’t already have a remote start system, now is a great time to get one before the demand comes in winter. This ensures that you have the remote starter system you want and don’t have to wait a long time for installation. We have several remote starters in-stock and will set one up for you at any of our mobile installation centers. For more information, see your local P.C. Richard & Son store today!


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7 Things You May Not Know P.C. Richard & Son Carries

Sure, P.C. Richard & Son is known as the appliance and electronics giant, but did you know we carry things like music keyboards, hair dryers and waffle makers? We even still carry cassette Walkman. Here are a few other things you may not have known we have available:

1. Portable TV

FLO TV allows you to watch 5 hours of TV on a 3.5″ touchscreen with a single battery charge anywhere, anytime. It includes a unique variety of live, simulcast, and time-shifted programming on channels that include ABC Mobile, Adult Swim Channel, CBS Mobile, CNBC, COMEDY CENTRAL, The Disney Channel, ESPN, FOX Mobile, FOX News Channel, MSNBC, MTV, NBC 2Go, and Nickelodeon that stream via a dedicated nationwide network. For more on the FLO TV, check out our blog post here.

2. Verizon Wireless Phones

Did you know that you can pay your Verizon bill, activate or upgrade a new phone, and purchase mobile accessories from inside participating P.C. Richard & Son locations? You’ll get the same services offered at any other Verizon Wireless store from the same Verizon Wireless experts. Avoid the lines at the other stores and come give us a try! We also have Verizon products available online.

3. Video Security Systems

Give yourself peace of mind with a video security system installed in your home. They can be used both inside and outside, are weather resistant, and record in low light so you can always monitor movement on your property. Some also come with a built-in microphone to record sound and are wireless for easy setup and use.

4. Dictionaries and Translators

Looking for the definition of a word, need a quick spell check or want to find a synonym for a paper? A portable dictionary is the perfect solution, especially for students. English-Spanish dictionaries are available, too. We also carry the Franklin Spelling Ace Pro & Puzzle Solver, which includes a spelling bee list with 5 levels, 8 games, and Fun with Spanish and Fun with French.

5. Video Games & Consoles

Have you seen the new look of our video games page? Take a moment to check it out. You’ll see that we have the hottest new release and preorder titles, as well as recently price dropped and clearance games for all consoles. Our Video Game Rewards Program grants you a $50 gift card good for anything we carry for every 1000 points you earn, too!

6. Single-Serve Coffee

Everyone loves single-serve coffee makers to ensure they’re getting a fresh kick to their day. Our newly-launched coffee center offers everything you need for your coffee addiction, including coffee makers and single serve coffee cups in a variety of flavors.

7. Car Stereos & Mobile Entertainment

Not only do we carry car stereos, we also install them at P.C. Richard & Son Mobile Installation Center locations! Our installations are guaranteed for life and are free with car stereo purchases of $129 and up. We also have GPS navigation systems, radar detectors, remote starters and security systems, speakers and amplifiers available.

What’s your favorite product at P.C. Richard & Son? Let us know in the comments!


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P.C. Richard & Son in North East Philadelphia, PA

P.C. Richard & Son now open in Philadelphia, PA

We are very excited to announce that P.C. Richard & Son, America’s #1 Family Owned and Operated Appliance and Electronic company, has opened our first Pennsylvania Superstore! If you’re in the area, you can now check out the largest selection of HDTV’s, our selection of major appliances, consumer electronics including digital cameras, camcorders, notebook and netbook computers, GPS systems, video games with interactive displays and more at 2420 Cottman Avenue in Northeast Philadelphia.

P.C. Richard & Son’s philosophy is to provide the customer with superior service, Before, During and After The Sale, so never forget that We Service What We Sell, Guarantee The Lowest Prices and Deliver and Install Appliances and Televisions the next day thanks to our very own delivery and installation teams!

This location also has mobile installations for car audio, GPS, radar detectors, remote starts, security systems and car amplifiers. For a limited time you can receive free installation with any car stereo purchase of $129 or more too!

We hope that if you’re in the Philadelphia area that you’ll stop by and let us know what you think. We look forward to seeing you there!

Check out our gallery of the new store. More pictures to come!

P.C. Richard & Son in North East Philadelphia, PA

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