What Works With Nest

Works With Nest

Does it seem like everywhere you go you hear about home automation? It’s no surprise; people are excited about making things magically happen around the house with their smartphones and other devices. Now, there are universal remotes, digital wall panels and apps that let you control a variety of things in your home. ‘Works with Nest’ has taken home automation to the next level, making your house “a more thoughtful and conscious home.”

‘Works with Nest’ makes it possible for your Nest devices to securely interact with the things you already use every day, both in and out of your home.  Here are some things that you may not have known ‘Works with Nest:’

Philips hue

Nest and Philips hue have teamed up, and by working together, will allow you to leave your home worry-free. The lights in your home will shut off as you leave and turn on when you arrive back. They can also mimic your presence when you are on vacation by syncing your hue lighting to your Nest Protect alarms.


The Whirlpool Smart Front Load Washer and Dryer now Works with Nest and allows you to save energy with longer, more efficient dryer cycles while you’re away. When you’re out, Whirlpool can auto-delay laundry cycles during energy rush hours. If your laundry cycle ends before you get home, it will also keep your clothes fresh.


By using Kevo’s Touch-To-Open™ technology, the Nest thermostat will recognize when you’ve entered your home and offer to adjust the temperature accordingly. When you leave and lock your Kevo, you’ll have the ability to set your Nest Thermostat back to the “Away” temperatures that you specified during your Nest Thermostat setup. The power of integrating the Nest Thermostat and Kevo means owners will now be able to extend personalized temperature settings to admin eKey holders as well.


By connecting your UP24 with your Nest Thermostat, the temperature of your house will automatically adjust to a temperature you prefer – the moment you go to bed or wake up. Through UP Insights, they’ve discovered that an ideal sleeping environment is cooler; between 65 and 72 degrees. With the Nest integration, once your band enters Sleep Mode, your thermostat will kick down to your ideal temperature. And when you wake? You guessed it! Your thermostat will automatically adjust to a warmer temperature… all without leaving your bed.


With Dropcam, you can stay connected with people, places and pets no matter where you are. Now, thanks to Works with Nest, your home will be even safer and more efficient. Monitor your home for smoke and carbon monoxide with Nest Protect. If a safety event occurs, Dropcam will turn on automatically and create a clip. A notification will then be sent directly to your mobile phone so you’ll be able to take action immediately.

‘Works with Nest’ connects these different parts of your life effortlessly. It works behind the scenes to deliver personalized comfort, safety and energy savings.  Want to learn more about ‘Works with Nest’ stop into a P.C. Richard & Son Superstore and one of our expert sales representatives can answer any questions you may have!


Works With Nest


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Introducing Whirlpool’s Most Efficient Dryer

Whirlpool USA

The new Whirlpool HybridCare™ clothes dryer with Hybrid Heat Pump technology offers customers the opportunity to take sustainability and energy efficiency to a whole new level.  This new technology is designed to regenerate energy during the drying cycle to reduce energy consumption. Most notablty, thanks to the ventless design, it can be placed anywhere within the home and is perfect for apartments!

How HybridCare™ technology works

This true ventless heat pump design uses a refrigeration system to dry and recycle air before returning it to the drum. A traditional dryer will discharge air that’s full of moisture through an output air vent placed in a wall, but the refrigeration system in the HybridCaredryer dries and recycles the hot, moist air produced, instead of wasting energy by having to vent the air out of the home.

The ventless design requires an additional lint filter to remove extra-fine lint particles. This filter is easy to clean and access from the exterior of the dryer. An indicator on the console lets you know when it’s time to clean this filter for optimal airflow.

HybridCare™ technology uses advanced sensors tuned to manage energy consumption and temperature to deliver drying performance and energy savings.

  • Speed mode – used when you need your clothes dried faster
  • Eco mode – used when you want to conserve the most energy
  • Balanced mode – blends the performance of a quicker dry while maintaining high energy efficiency

Benefits of HybridCare Technology

Maximum Efficiency

HybridCare true ventless technology greatly reduces overall energy consumption compared to a traditional vented dryer. This ventless Duet® dryer uses up to 73% less energy than other Whirlpool top load and front load dryers due to its ability to recycle the same air instead of constantly venting hot air outside.

Gentle Care

Low drying temperatures and high air volume provide a gentle drying environment. HybridCare™ true ventless technology offers the capacity to use significantly less heat than a traditional Duet® vented air dryer.

Flexible Installation

The ventless design opens up additional installation possibilities throughout the home. It also makes it ideal for installation in condos or apartment buildings where venting is difficult.

Stop into one of our P.C. Richard & Son Superstores today and one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales counselors will help answer any questions you may have about the Whirlpool HybridCare™ clothes dryer!


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4 Ways to Keep Up Your Resolution for a Healthier You


With every new year comes the opportunity for a fresh start. You make your list of resolutions and imagine the new you, but did you imagine the steps and the work you will need to put in to achieve your goals? Many people don’t, and if you don’t go in with a plan you’re less likely to succeed.

One of the most popular new year’s resolutions of 2015 is to lose weight and get fit, and if living a healthier lifestyle is on your list, we are here to help you reach your goal. Aside from getting a gym membership, there are other tools that can help you achieve a healthier version of you this year:

Eating Healthy

Let’s start in the kitchen. One of the biggest excuses for not eating healthy is “I haven’t got the time.” Preparing healthy food is often looked at as time consuming, but with the proper tools you can prepare healthy meals in minutes. Here are 2 of our favorites:

The NutriBullet

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Unfortunately, if you’re like most people, mornings can be hectic! Either you have no time for breakfast and skip it, or you pick something up of low nutritional value on your way to work. Studies have shown that if you start the day with a healthy breakfast you will have more energy throughout the day and be less likely to overeat at your next meal. With the NutriBullet you can create a delicious and nutritious smoothie to go in seconds. Not only is it a time saver, but a much better option than a regular household blender. NutriBullet has a powerful 600 watt motor and extractor blade; it can open seeds, crack through stems, shred skins, and access hidden nutrients in food. Click here for some healthy recipes for you to enjoy with it!

Food Processors

Create a delicious salad or the perfect veggie topping to complete any meal in minutes!  When it comes to preparing dinner that night or your lunch for the next day, a food processor will save you a lot of prep time. If you need some ideas on healthy meals you will find plenty of recipes online. The healthy options are endless and the time you will save is priceless!

Substituting Habits

I’m sure you’ve heard it before: if you’re looking to cut calories, cut out the soda. If you happen to be a soda addict this is a lot harder than it sounds. With SodaStream you can keep the soda in your life and cut back on the calories. SodaStream’s cola uses a mix of zero-calorie Splenda and sugar, delivering only 8 grams of sugar per 8 ounce serving, compared to about 27g of sugar for a Coke. And if you break that down by calories per serving, SodaStream looks good with 35 calories verses nearly 100 calories for that Coke! The trick is to keep your daily consumption between 8-12 ounces. If you want to eliminate more calories, SodaStream is great for just carbonating water and adding fresh lemon juice.

Being Active

Eating healthy isn’t the only thing you can do to improve your health. Being active, whether it’s walking or jogging 15-20 minutes a day, can greatly improve your health and fitness. An activity tracker can help motivate you to be more active. These devices track your activity level, calories burned, heart rate, sleep time, and let you know if you are on target to reach your daily goals. Some trackers let you challenge friends, turning everyday fitness into a social, fun, achievable way to a healthier you. We have a variety of activity trackers to choose from that will help you reach your fitness goals. For some tips on eating healthy and being active, you can also follow our ‘Health and Wellness’ board on Pinterest.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Eating healthy and being active are important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but there’s one more thing that’s equally important, and often overlooked: sleep.  Sleep plays an important role in your physical health, including healing and repairing of your heart and blood vessels. Ongoing sleep deficiency is linked to an increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke. Sleep deficiency also increases the risk of obesity. Sleep helps maintain a healthy balance of the hormones that make you feel hungry (ghrelin) or full (leptin). When you don’t get enough sleep, your level of ghrelin goes up and your level of leptin goes down. This makes you feel hungrier than when you’re well-rested.

If you’re not sleeping well you should first consider your mattress, pillow and bedding, as these can all have significant impacts on your sleep. It’s important to find out what type of mattress is best for the type of sleeper you are. Check out our ‘Mattress Buying Guide’ to learn more.

Next, think about the sheets you use. Are you too hot or cold during the night, or do the sheets irritate your skin? How about your pillow; some people don’t realize that a good pillow can make all the difference.  Bedgear makes pillows that are designed specifically for the way you sleep. Check them out here. For more tricks and tips to getting a good night’s sleep follow our board ‘Sweet Dreams’ on Pinterest.


Losing weight and getting healthy is the most popular resolution every year, and for good reason! A healthier you is a happier you, and we hope you found the above tips helpful. How else do you resolve to stay healthy in the new year? Let us know in the comments!



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Top 10 Stocking Stuffers Under $25


Stocking Stuffers

Have you been looking for some gift ideas to stuff those stockings with? Well, not only do we have some great ideas, but we have great prices to match them!  We’ve listed our top 10 favorite stocking stuffers that cost under $25. Check them out below!

House of Marley Smile Jamaica In-Ear Headphones

You can’t go wrong with these headphones! Combining comfort and best-in-class acoustics, Marley’s “Signature Sound” conveys smooth, powerful bass, stunningly precise mids, and an energized high-end.  They make the perfect little gift for anybody, even if they already have a pair of headphones… everyone could use a second set!

HMDX Jam Wireless Portable Speaker

You will be amazed by the massive sound that comes out of these little speakers!  They are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand as well as stuff into a stocking.  You can be sure whoever receives this little party will love it!

Hype Hydro Sound Bluetooth Water Dancing Speakers

This gift is absolute fun! These water dancing Bluetooth speakers are USB powered and can connect to a PC, laptop, Mp3 player or smartphone. Once connected, you can transform your music into a dazzling water and light show.  The thing that makes this gift even better is the price!

Video Games

We have a huge selection of video games with prices that start as low as $9.96! Shop our video game clearance center and you may find more than one stocking stuffer.

Smartphone Cases

It’s fun to change your smartphone case from time to time. Phone cases fit perfectly into a stocking and come in various colors and designs that you can match to any personality. We have smartphone cases on sale for as low as $4.88!

Coffee Pods

You can have a lot of fun choosing from all various flavors of Keurig K-Cups we carry for the coffee lover on your gift list! Rest assured, this stocking stuffer will be much appreciated and keep them warm all winter!

Snow Joe Snow Broom for Automobiles

This one may not exactly fit in a stocking, but the price is right. Anybody who lives in an area that gets a lot of snow will jump for joy when they receive this gift. Perfect for clearing snow off a vehicle in a short amount of time, the pole on the Snow Joe Snow Broom can be extended to 48 inches allowing you to finally reach and remove the snow on top of the roof of your car!

Logitech Dark Fleur C260 HD Webcam

Have a friend or a family member that you usually just see on the holidays, but would love to keep in touch with more often through programs like Skype? Well then this is the perfect gift. This webcam is a great quality at a great price and easy to use, even for those who aren’t as tech savvy.

Karaoke CDs

Know somebody who loves karaoke and even has their own machine? Why not help them grow their music collection? We have Party Tyme Karaoke hits starting as low as $9.99!

Lexar JumpDrive TwistTurn 32GB USB Flash Drive

Everybody could use more storage! This flash drive provides stylish, high-capacity portable storage, allowing for easy transfer, storage, and file sharing on the go.

Looking for some more holiday gift ideas? Check out our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide or visit our “Holiday Gift Ideas” board on Pinterest for the most unique gifts for mom, dad, friends and family. Happy holidays!


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Gift Ideas for Foodies


We all have that one person in the family that loves to cook. The one that supplies half the food at the holiday party and always has a fun, new dish that “you just have to try!” For that special food lover we have some great gift ideas that will not disappoint.

The KitchenAid Stand Mixer

A must have for anyone that loves to bake, the iconic KitchenAid stand mixer comes in an array of fun colors to match any personality and offer much more versatility than basic hand mixers. It has the ability to knead dough for delicious homemade bread, yet are simple enough to thoroughly mix cake batter with ease. The hands-free design allows the user to add ingredients while the mixer is churning, or allows them to do other tasks like preparing the pan for baking or taking a short phone call. This mixer also comes with a large enough bowl to mix a couple of batches of cookie dough in one shot, saving time when baking for a large party! Can you think of someone who would love this gift?

Crock-Pot Cook & Carry Slow Cooker with Little Dipper Warmer

This is a great gift for the cook who likes to share good times and good food! This portable slow cooker eliminates the hassle and the mess when transporting cooked foods from home. Cook it up, lock it up, and go with the secure-fitting lid and locking system. The Crock Pot Cook & Carry is perfect for traveling to parties, tailgates, picnics, potlucks, and more. This portable crock pot also comes with the 16-ounce Little Dipper Food Warmer, ideal for warm dips and sauces.  Makes a wonderful gift for the cook on the go!

Avanti 12 Bottle Free Standing Wine Cooler

Wine is a great way to compliment any dish. Do you know somebody in your family who always has the perfect bottle of red or white to go with dinner or desert? If so, the Avanti 12 Bottle Free standing Wine Cooler is great gift for them. It’s large enough to keep a few bottles of wine at perfect temperature for special occasions, yet small enough for easy storing. The innovative design of this wine cooler allows them to store 8 bottles horizontally and 4 bottles vertically; perfect for opened bottles. It also features an exterior display to set the temperature, which can be adjusted between 47 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. If someone you know is just getting into wine, they can also choose to use pre-set buttons for red and white wine if they’re unsure about the right temperature. This wine cooler also comes with an interior light to make it easier for them to find the bottle they’re looking for when entertaining guests! Check out all of our wine coolers here.

Cuisinart Mix It In Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM! Seriously, who doesn’t love ice cream? With the Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker you can make your own professional-quality soft ice cream, yogurt, sorbet or sherbet right in your own home. Not only will it make everyone’s favorites, but with three built-in condiment dispensers, it will make them extra delicious! Just the pull of a tab sends sprinkles, chips, and other mix-ins down the chute to mix right into your frozen desserts. It is so simple to use and the operation is fully automatic; simply pour in the ingredients and turn the dial. Can you think of someone (aside from yourself!) that would love this gift?

Waring Pro Roating Belgian Waffle Maker

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and waffles make it the yummiest!  Give the gift of thick, delicious Belgian waffles that are crispy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside. This waffle maker makes it easy for anyone to create a gourmet breakfast as well as delicious deserts. The nonstick coated waffle grids easily release waffles making cooking easy and cleaning effortless. Do you know somebody who would love this gift? I know I do!


Looking for some more holiday gift ideas? Check out our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide or visit our “Holiday Gift Ideas” board on Pinterest for the most unique gifts for mom, dad, friends and family. Happy holidays!


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Tips to Organizing your Refrigerator

organizing your fridge picture

It’s the holiday season and, for those hosting family and friends, that means a full fridge… but a full fridge doesn’t have to be a cluttered one. There’s nothing worse than having to dig around your fridge while trying to prepare dinner!  Save yourself the hassle by getting your refrigerator organized and keeping it that way. Here are some tips:

The first thing you should do is clean out your refrigerator. How long has it been since you did a deep clean? Now is a great time to remove all items, dispose of expired products, and scrub the inside clean. Once your fridge is cleaned, it’s time to get organized!

As you replace items, keep these tips in mind.

  • Set the temperature to 40°F (5°C) or below, as any warmer will risk growing harmful bacteria. Check humidity settings on produce, crispers, and deli drawers. Make sure each drawer is set to the correct settings to maintain optimal freshness.
  • Figure out which items need to be refrigerated and which don’t. Common items that end up in the fridge unnecessarily are ketchup, mustard, hot sauce, garlic, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, and bananas. You can save a lot of space this way by keeping items like these in a pantry instead.
  • Take all your regularly used condiments and sauces and place them on the doors where they’re easily accessible. Stash items that are used only every so often together toward the back of the fridge, but remember to check expiration dates.
  • Group like-items together to avoid hunting around or buying duplicates such as salad dressings, salsas, jams, or items like olives and pickles. Keeping them in labeled bins will allow you to pull them all out together.
  • Eggs do best when kept in their original carton and on the middle shelf where the temperature is most consistent.
  • Milk tends to land on the top shelf and this makes sense if you and your family are big milk drinkers. However, if you use milk is mainly for cooking purposes, place it on the bottom in the back where temperatures are coldest.  You should never put milk or quick-to-expire items on the doors of your fridge, as the temperatures on the door can fluctuate.
  • Packaged raw meat and seafood should go on the very bottom where it is the coldest. If juices drip, you won’t risk contaminating your whole fridge.
  • Vegetables will stay fresher longer with a bit of humidity and should be stored in the drawer marked high humidity.  Fruit stays fresher in the low humidity drawers, sometimes marked crisper. Keep fruit in original packaging or in a plastic bag loosely tied.
  • Don’t slice food until you are ready to consume it. Chopped meat, fruit, and veggies spoil faster than whole items.
  • Deli meats belong in the shallow meat drawer, which is slightly colder than the rest of the fridge, or, if there’s no such drawer, on the bottom shelf.
  • Butter and soft cheeses don’t need to be super cold, so they can live in the dairy compartment on the door.
  • Don’t overstock your fridge. Air needs to circulate around food to keep it cool. A crowded fridge can create warm spots and lead to spoilage. Remember to rotate items in the fridge before grocery trips. Move foods close to expiration date forward and throw away any foods that are past their expiration date.




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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Video Game Sweepstakes!


Would you like to win a copy of the video game Call of Duty Advanced Warfare for XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, PS3 or PS4? Enter on our Facebook page for a chance to win now! Last day to enter is November 14, 2014.


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare takes place in a plausible future in which technology progress and today’s military practices have converged with powerful consequences.

In this carefully researched and crafted vision of the future, private military corporations (PMCS) have become the dominant armed forces for countless nations outsourcing their military needs, redrawing borders and rewriting the rules of war. And Johnathon Irons, the founder and president of the largest PMC – Atlas Corporation – is at the center of it all.


Powerful exoskeletons evolve every aspect of a soldier’s battle readiness, enabling combatants to deploy with an advanced lethality and eliminating the need for specialization.

The introduction of this gameplay mechanic delivers enhanced player movement and verticality through boost jumps and grappling, covert cloaking abilities, and biomechanics that provide unparalleled strength, awareness, endurance, and speed.

With the advent of the exoskeleton and newly advanced armor and weaponry, every soldier commands tactical freedom in any terrain unlike ever before, fundamentally changing the way gamers play Call of Duty across all modes.


Harnessing the power of the next-gen platforms; Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare brings players into the battlegrounds of the future, by boasting a new hi-tech, advanced arsenal and ability set, arming players with all-new equipment, technology, perks, and vehicles like hoverbikes and highly specialized drones. Players can also choose between standard ammunition and an all-new class of directed-energy weaponry that enables totally new gameplay dynamics. And with exoskeletons delivering a massive force multiplier and unprecedented tactical freedom, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare evolves firefight.

How to Enter:

Enter via our Facebook fan page by filling out the form located here. Good luck!


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Enter The P.C. Richard & Son Jingle Ball VIP Experience 2014 Sweepstakes!



Z100’s Jingle Ball returns to Madison Square Garden on Friday, December 12, 2014! Do you want to be at the show? Of course you do, this year’s lineup is incredible!

We are giving our fans a chance to win 4 tickets to the show, but that’s not all! You will also win limo transportation to and from the show, 4 passes to an artist sound check, and 4 passes to meet an artist at the Coca Cola All Access Lounge! All you have to do is like us on Facebook and fill out the entry form here. Remember, tweeting about this sweepstakes gives you a bonus entry. Good luck to all our fans, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

To stay in the loop on future sweepstakes, connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!


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5 Seconds of Summer will be at the iHeartRadio Theater presented by P.C. Richard & Son on Monday, July 21, 2014!


5 Seconds of Summer will be at the iHeartRadio Theater presented by P.C. Richard & Son on Monday, July 21,  2014! Only 200 people will be allowed into the show, and your chance is on Facebook.

The iHeartRadio Theater presented by P.C. Richard & Son is a 200-person venue in New York City that hosts exclusive concert events. You cannot buy tickets to these private performances; you can only win your way in on the P.C. Richard & Son Facebook and Twitter pages.

How to Enter
You can enter for a chance to win tickets to this show by filling out the entry form on Facebook after liking our page.

Good luck, and hope to see you at the show!


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Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Tab4


Samsung’s next generation Galaxy Tab4 line releases May 1, 2014 and is perfect for the whole family. This new line offers an exceptional multimedia experience in a more premium and portable design, making it ideal for viewing or sharing content with friends and family.

All three Tab4 models, 7-inch, 8-inch and 10-inch, sport a WXGA display with a 16-by-10 ratio—ideal for watching movies, playing games, or reading digital content. And with the Multi Window function, users can seamlessly move between apps and windows, and drag and drop content to better fit the screen.

The Tab4 line also comes with features like Group Play for sharing music, documents, and games in real time, WatchON and Netflix for watching TV shows and movies on any device, and Samsung Link, which allows content to play across smart gadgets.

All models come in two colors, white and black, featuring 1.5GB of RAM, 1.2GHz quad-core processors, 16GB of storage and would make a great gift for Mother’s Day! You can pre-order a Samsung Galaxy Tab4 here.


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