Countless Holiday Gift Ideas for Mom & Dad

My parents are notoriously hard to shop for. Every year it’s always a struggle to find a gift that’s thoughtful, within my budget, and they’ll actually use more than once! In addition to our P.C. Richard & Son gift guide, here are a few gift ideas that any parent will enjoy:

Gifts Under $50

If you want to get your parents a useful item but you’re on a strict budget, what about getting them an accessory for an electronic they already have? Getting them a nice camera bag, memory card, or USB drive may be just the thing that mom or dad can appreciate all year round.

For the music or fitness-loving parent, we carry quite a few mp3 players below $50, including Apple iPod Shuffles in various colors. If they already have a music player, speakers like these portable iHome systems may be the perfect gift. They’re inexpensive and sound great!

Small appliances or coffee accessories are also great gifts on a dime. Electric heaters, as explained in this post, are a perfect winter accessory since they’ll keep mom and dad warm and save on their oil or gas costs. Generally, small one won’t cost you more than $40. While some parents may appreciate a vacuum or iron, a unique item like a waffle maker may be a better gift option for them.

Gifts $50-$100+

If they haven’t already, it’s probably about that time to switch your parents from DVD to Blu-Ray. Blu-Ray players have significantly dropped in price compared to this time last year and you can find a few for under $100.

If watching movies isn’t their thing, what about capturing them? A camera or camcorder is the perfect holiday gift because they can put them to use right away at holiday parties. Or, you can always make sure they get to their next party without getting lost with a GPS!

Gifts $250+

Quality brands like Bose offer excellent gifts to wow mom and dad. You can also consider a desktop computer, laptop, home theater system or, naturally, an HDTV.

All Budgets

Of course, if you want to make sure they get exactly what they want, there’s always a P.C. Richard & Son gift card. There are always deep discounts on products all year long, so they can get a deal anytime!

What are you getting your parents for the holidays? Let us know in the comments!


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