Coby Folding Headphones are Awesome for the Office

As I’m writing this blog post at our corporate headquarters, I’m streaming Pandora radio and listening to it through blue Coby sound isolation headphones. I HAD to write about them, because they’re really great quality and only $19.99!

Before buying these headphones, I couldn’t listen to music as much as I wanted throughout the day with my Apple iPod earbuds because they got really uncomfortable in my ears after a while. I normally prefer earbuds over regular headphones because they tend to drown out more outside noise, but I thought that it was time to try out regular headphones anyway. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on headphones I’d only wear at the office and potentially not like wearing, so these inexpensive noise-canceling folding headphones really caught my eye. I was sold when I saw they also had an earbud combo, just in case I really didn’t end up liking big, regular headphones on my head.

Much to my surprise, the larger headphones are lightweight, really comfortable, and great at drowning out surrounding noise. Plus, they fit my tiny head, so I’m really happy with them. I find myself using the earbuds in place of my Apple iPod ones on the go, because their soft noise-canceling padding fits in my ear perfectly. I can comfortably wear both Coby pairs for a lot longer than I could my Apple headphones, so my headphone-buying mission was successful.

They’re also great for the office because both sets are really easy to fit in my desk drawer. The large headphones fold right up and the earbuds come with a really convenient case (with extra noise-cancelling pads!), so they don’t take up much room. And, most importantly, you’ll be blown away by the sound quality for $19.99 headphones ($9.99 each, considering there are two sets in the package). They’re obviously not for professional DJs, but they sound outstanding coming from an MP3 player or computer.

I bought these on a whim and I’m really glad I did. I bought the blue ones, but we also carry them in black, red and silver. You can get a pair to match every outfit!

What are your favorite headphones to use at the office? Let us know!


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