Dr. Oz Mentions P.C. Richard & Son for a Personal Humidifier

Lori, customer and Dr. Oz show viewer, mentioned to us on our Facebook fan page that the doctor recommended us on his show today! His show mentioned a discounted personal humidifier that we carry. After a little bit of research I came across an episode recap from today on drozfans.com. We were delighted to read what happened!

Dr Oz brought 3 women on his show: Felicia, Staci and Doreen and all of them were given the same goals – to find the best deal on the health products from Dr Oz’s list. The first assignment was to find the best deal online for a humidifier. Here are the tips them came up with:

– Use shopzilla and bizrate, which are like the google of shopping and help you to find the best price on products. She was able to find for $21.57 a PCRichard’s Personal Humidifier which is half the listed price. What is great about this humidifier is that you can take it with you in the car or even to your office because it has connections for both.

More of the episode recap can be found here.

The humidifier that was mentioned is this Wind Chaser personal humidifier, and the summary above explains why it’s so great. We currently have this product for $19.97 (before tax) with FREE shipping, so come take a look!

Thank you again to Lori for the tip! You can check out the segment on the Dr. Oz Show website here. Look for the video for “Your Best Online Health Deals”.


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