Five Ways to Take Your Laundry Room to the Next Level

It’s time to get excited about your laundry room! With prices slashed on washers and dryers, now is the perfect time to revamp this part of your home that is so frequently overlooked. Here are some solid ways you can seriously up your laundry game.

1. Decals.

This is a super inexpensive way to make your space a thousand times more fun. They’re easy to apply, look awesome, and frequently contain puns!
DecalFrenzy on Etsy
vgwalldecals on Etsy
vgwalldecals on Etsy
Laundry Room Decals 3
SignJunkies on Etsy
HouseHoldWords on Etsy
HouseHoldWords on Etsy

2. Signs

They’re like decals, except they come with more variety (and portability).

Laundry Signs2
shoponelove on Etsy
Laundry Sign
DexMex on Etsy
Laundry Sign2
RaggedyRee on Etsy
Laundry Sign3
LotusLeafCreations on Etsy

3. Add some color!

Cool colors like blues and greens create a serene atmosphere, which can help make doing laundry a relaxing (even meditative) experience.

Laundry Room Idea2

4. Get creative

Come up with some fun ways to store your supplies. Did you ever consider that your detergent could dispense from a glass jar through a spout? The possibilities are endless!

Laundry Room Idea
Laundry Room Idea3

5. Upgrade your machines

Finally, the best way to improve your laundry room is with a quality pair of machines. Not only does it tie together the whole vibe, but it also really does make washing your clothes more enjoyable.

Washing Machines2

With the right equipment and atmosphere, you can be as good at laundry as this guy:

 What does your laundry room look like? Do you have some more ideas to renovate the space? Let us know in the comments!


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