Football Fans Rejoice: Madden 11 is Out Tomorrow!

The official 2010 NFL season is scheduled to kick off on Thursday, September 9, but you can start the season tomorrow with the gaming industry’s most highly-anticipated sports title, Madden NFL 11! This game is available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii and PlayStation Portable for your football fix on the go.

This edition of Madden is expected to be the simplest, quickest and deepest one to date. Its new GameFlow system allows you to control the quarterback and execute an authentic NFL game plan one play at a time. You can customize and use your own offensive and defensive game plans, or execute the plays based on your favorite team’s real-life tendencies for an authentic game.

Games have also been reduced from 60 minutes down to less than 30! You’ll find yourself spending less time in the huddle and more time on the field. The controls have been tightened, too; run through holes, break tackles, and explode in the open field thanks to the intuitive and responsive Dual Stick Control. All-new locomotion provides true acceleration and deceleration, as well as natural planting and cutting, making Madden NFL 11 the most authentic looking and feeling football game to date.

Check out the short trailer below for more on Madden’s improvements in the 2011 version:

This game comes out tomorrow, but you can still preorder for some great perks. We offer double Video Game Rewards points on all preorder purchases, which means you’ll get 120 points for preordering Madden 11. Combine that with the 300 points you get automatically for enrolling, and you’re well on your way toward reaching 1000 points and a $50 P.C. Richard & Son gift card.

Even if you don’t preorder, you’ll still qualify for 60 rewards points in our free Video Game Rewards program when you purchase Madden 11 with us. We’ll have the game in stock at all our Superstore locations, so pick up your copy from us!


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