Fun & Funky Pumpkin Decorating Ideas & Activities

Vibrant paint, decorative ribbons, metallic markers… the possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating pumpkins! Use your creativity and make a silly face (or a spooky one)!

Ideas to DAZZLE up your pumpkin  

  • Gather up some ribbons (Halloween-themed, funky patterns, bright colors)
  • Use neon paints (orange, yellow, green)
  • Add some metallic paint
  • Collect a bunch of bows and glue them on!
  • Use glitter glue
  • Add in some glitter (orange, purple, white)
  • Draw a design with glue, and pour glitter on top
  • Gather some fabrics (Halloween prints, autumn prints, polka dot)
  • Glue on colorful, funky beads
  • Glue on some sparkly gems
  • Use colorful markers
  • Write your name
  • Write a friend’s name and make it a gift
  • Draw a design (bat, ghosts, or owl)
  • Tie a bunch of colorful ribbons to the stem
  • Curl the ribbons or tie beads to the end
  • Draw or paint your favorite TV show or movie character
  • Create your favorite animal (use the stem to your advantage and make an elephant)!
  • Draw or paint the P.C. Richard & Son logo
  • Write the lyrics to your favorite songimage
  • Write your favorite movie quote
  • Glue on fun foam shapes
  • Add some decorative flowers (sunflowers)
  • Put on some decorative tape
  • Stick on googly eyes
  • Make your pumpkin into a turkey with feathers
  • Create a holiday-themed pumpkin

What to do while decorating pumpkins

  • Drink fall-themed beverages made with a Keurig (add whipped cream, caramel, or chocolate syrup)
  • Watch a family tradition movie while gathering around on a blanket
  • Share a delicious fall-themed pie (pumpkin, sweet potato, or apple)
  • Make some popcorn in a popcorn maker (add cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, or apple pie spice)
  • Tell your children stories about Halloween when you were a kid
  • Take pictures of your pumpkins (and share them on our Facebook)!
  • Get cozy by your fireplace
  • Make plans for the holiday season
  • Enjoy spending quality time with your family and friends! #keepfamilyfirst


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