Get 2,500 bonus points for the P.C. Richard & Son Theater!

We’re giving away 2,500 P.C. Richard & Son Theater Rewards points at our 57 store locations to anyone who asks for them! Use these points at the P.C. Richard & Son Theater website for your chance to enter to win tickets to our exclusive concerts and for other prizes available! And when available, you can also participate in ticket auctions and trade in your points for prizes too!

Getting the points is simple: Stop in to any of our convenient retail locations and ask a sales associate for your bonus code.You’ll receive a receipt with a unique code that you can then enter into your account from home on the theater website. Viola! 2,500 bonus points!

You can receive these bonus points once every 7 days by giving the sales associate the e-mail address associated with your P.C. Richard & Son Theater account (the one you use to log into the site). Codes will not be generated for e-mail addresses not already registered on the site. If you have any questions, tweet us @PCRichardandSon or ask in the comments!


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