Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Our 3,112 employees wish you a very healthy, happy Thanksgiving Day; a day for the celebration of families, friends and loved ones.

Save Thanksgiving Day!

It is our opinion that retailers who choose to open on Thanksgiving Day show no respect to their employees and families, and are in total disrespectful of family values in the United States of America.

We appreciate those who provide us essential services today.

A special thanks to the service men and women who protect our freedom each and every day!


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  • Metropolitan

    Can someone post the entire ad, not just the first few lines?

  • Maggie

    I don’t live anywhere near a PC Richard, but if I did you would have a loyal customer. Bless you for not being greedy. Good for you for not being open on Thanksgiving day!! You will do quite well the day after and each day after that.

  • Michael Boyle

    Thank you P.C. Richard & Son for standing up for what is right and showing that your company cares about families over profit unlike many of the big box stores these days who value profits over families and workers. Rest assured that I will be shopping for P.C. Richard & Son next time I am in need of electronics.

  • Anonymous Jewwwish Terrorist

    I’m shopping here for my next SEVERAL electronics items. I’m not sure what or when I’ll need to order from Amazon, but when I’m ready, I’m going to PC Richard for whatever those things will be. Screw corporations, a two-party government, lunatic bankers, corporate mainstream media and the ignorant and spineless two-party sheep for causing the US to fall apart culturally, economically and politically. It is an absolute shame. I’m am happily surprised a company of this size decided to take a stand. I’d be even more happy if a national retailer made the same move. Congratulations PC Richard, and I hope you have a great Thanksgiving with your families!

  • Sandy Monahan

    Thank you PC Richard for caring about your employees before the bottom line. Because you have done this, you will be blessed beyond anything you could imagine!

  • Sue Q.

    I’m a loyal customer anyhow, but your decision makes me want to buy something I don’t even need! THANKS FOR PUTTING FAMILY FIRST AND STAYING CLOSED ON THANKSGIVING! Out-of-state relatives cannot join us for Thanksgiving because their daughter has to work at T*****. How sad…

  • Yay! PC Richards! Thank you for caring about family.

  • Diane

    Excellent respect for family, you just gained a very loyal customer. Blessed Thanksgiving to all.

  • Diane

    Are you paying your employees for this day? That would truly show “respect.”

  • Maureen

    Love your advertising and your true holiday spirit. You have a new customer!

  • jpap100

    Most admirable to see a business putting family above greed!

  • SusanM

    I so admire P. C. Richard for staying closed on Thanksgiving. They are putting family values above profits, such a rare attitude these days. Imagine a single mom who can’t treat her kids to Thanksgiving dinner because she has to service crazed shoppers who can’t wait one day. Good for you, P. C. Richard!

  • Devikabacchus

    Excellent and so proud of PC Richards. Social responsibility.

  • Annemariedimola

    I never had more respect for PC Richard than I do right now! To be a low-paid worker in a poor work environment like KOHLSSSSS OR TARGETTTT OR MACYYYSSSSS and have people (managers and customers) annoying you when you should be with your family, is a total lack of respect for traditional American values. After all, Thanksgiving is an American holiday, isn’t it?

  • Leslie1237ny

    Wow! First, I’m impressed with PC Richard for not grabbing as much business as possible like all of the other big retailers who don’t care that their low-paid employees work to make those companies even more money. How many of upper management, CEOs, CFOs, etc are working on Thanksgiving? I’m sure NONE. Second, I can’t help but be impressed with the shrewed marketing by PC Richard to announce their decision so publicly. While I’m assuming that marketing was not the real reason for their decision to close on Thanksgiving, I’m glad that the company will be reaping serious consumer loyalty for the stand they are taking. They won me over, and good for them!

  • Thank you for running a great business while respecting your employees’ family needs. In a world where corporations can buy elections and rule people’s lives, where businesses and shoppers elbow their competition to grab the first and biggest piece of the pie, it is refreshing to see P.C. Richard and Son put their people ahead of profits.

  • Pass2699


  • Laura

    This is a wonderful! Thanksgiving is all about sharing times with your family. I have never shopped Thanksgiving Eve or Black Friday. I was planning on buying my husband a video camera from either Best Buy or Amazon, but changed my mind. I will buy it at PC Richards. Thank you and have a wonderful holiday.

  • Valerie Hand

    I always shop at pc richard, and will continue to shop there and tell my friends and family to do the same! Thank you for believing in family values and for putting your employees first! Valerie