Home Automation: Adding Smart LED Lighting to Your Home

Philips mainAdding smart LED lighting to your home is stylish, fun, and useful. You can set a party atmosphere, match lighting to fit a mood, and add layers of home security and safety. Customize lighting in any room by adding smart LED lighting such as the Philips Hue LED White and Color Ambiance Starter Kit to your home automation system. Create different color schemes for each room with limitless possibilities, or set schedules to brighten and dim lights to match unique routines.

What Can Smart LED Lighting Do?

Hue DeviceThe Philips Hue LED bulbs work like any light bulb, and it’s easy to swap a standard bulb for an LED bulb. Plug in the included Hue Bridge, connect to Wi-Fi, download the free app, and start setting custom color lighting schemes.

You can change the color, intensity, and brightness of each bulb from a smart device. Tired of leaving a light on all day so you don’t come back to a dark house? You can set up a schedule to turn bulbs on and off at certain times, that way you’ll arrive at a brightly lit home. You can even mix up the schedule and lighting color while away for preventive security so it appears as though people are home. You can also dimly light hallways or your kitchen for a nightlight.

Maybe you’re looking to transform the overall look and feel of certain rooms. With the Philips HUE LED White and Color Ambiance Stater Kit, you can create a relaxed environment for movie nights or even change the colors to reflect your favorite sports team or school colors.

You can connect up to 50 Hue LED bulbs or light strips to one wireless bridge for connectivity throughout your entire home.

Connect Everything

Hue 2The Hue Lighting System can be programmed to perform many functions, and they’re compatible with a multitude of devices. The website www.IFTTT.com is loaded with ideas and information on how to program the lights.

For example, connect with Nest Protect, and if it detects carbon monoxide, the lights will turn red, instantly alerting the entire household. Or, link to Facebook and flash bulbs when a message is received or you’re tagged in a photo. Connect with the Ring Video Doorbell to flash the lights when someone is at your front door. You can even control the lighting with the sound of your voice when coupled with the Amazon Echo. The options are limitless!

Interested in designing a lighting system for your home? Check out our full line of smart LED lighting by clicking here, and start building a system today!


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