How To: Choose the Best Computer Processor for You

Our customers always ask us questions about processors when choosing their computer models. A processor is an integral part of your system and is one of the things you should really invest in when choosing a new computer. This guide will help you understand computer processors, learn how to choose one, and give recommendations for your computer usage.

What is a computer processor?
A computer processor is a small microchip that fits into a socket in your motherboard. It analyzes and controls data flow in your computer. The speed at which it processes this data is measured in gigahertz, and common desktop computer processor speeds range from 2.6 to 3.66 GHz, and laptops/netbooks are usually less than that.

When choosing a computer processor
Consider what you will be using your new computer for in the next 3 years. How many windows do you keep open at once? Do you have multiple users logged into Windows at the same time? Do you regularly connect to your work computer from home, or vice versa? Do you or your kids play 3D games? All of these things take up processor speed, so the more you do on your computer, the faster the processor you’ll need.

You’ll usually find an Intel or AMD processor in laptop and desktop computers. They have various models that are appropriate for different uses:

For the casual computer user
If you play the occasional game of Solitaire, use Excel or Word or use e-mail almost exclusively, you won’t need a very fast processor. An Intel Pentium¬†or Intel Celeron processor would be a good match for you.

For the multitasker & mainstream performance user
If you browse through your pictures, listen to music and watch movies on your computer while running other programs simultaneously, you should consider the Intel i3 processor.

For the power computer user
For a gaming machine, running 3D modeling software, editing long videos and other processor-taxing tasks, Intel i7 processor are is.

As technology advances, so will your need for a faster processor. Always consider the future of your computer use before you decide on a new model to purchase, and assess the processor that comes with the machine you’re looking to buy. Our sales associates or online live chat representatives are always there to help you determine the right processor for you, so let them know any questions you may have. Enjoy your new machine!


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