How to Spend All the Money You’ll Save with Appliance Employee Pricing

We’re offering some of our best deals right now with employee pricing on appliances, so it’s a great time to save big on the things you need. Let’s say, for example, you need a new refrigerator. So you go to our website and find one you like. How about this one? Stainless steel. Classy. Good choice.

With employee pricing, you’ll save $600 when you purchase this fridge. That’s like getting a fridge and an opportunity at the same time! Here are some things you can do with $600:

1. You can get a nonstop, roundtrip flight from New York to Orlando for $179.71. That leaves extra money to put toward hotel and theme park costs! Spend a few days in Disney and Universal!


2. A giant knit blanket (with $200 left to spare!)


It’s perfect to take on your flight to Florida!

3. Approximately 335 extra-large Slurpees from 7Eleven. (Would not recommend consuming all of these at once.)

Cropped photo courtesy of Seika on Flikr
Cropped photo courtesy of Seika on Flikr

4. Get good seats to a Broadway show! Or get less good seats to a couple shows! Or invest it into buying half a resale ticket to Hamilton.


5. Donate it to your favorite charity organization! These organizations can really use your help, and you’ll feel great about contributing. There are a ton of wonderful places who would greatly appreciate your donation (look into local charities!), but here are some of my faves:


World Wildlife Fund

Save the Children

African Library Project

6. ART. Seriously, decorating your home with a work you really love will up your quality of life about seventeen levels. Here are some examples of pieces you can get for around $500 – $600 (click through to the sources):




7. While you’re already updating your kitchen, this is a perfect opportunity to splurge on some accessories you’ll really enjoy. Perhaps a juicer, electric mixer, or a Nutribullet!




How would you spend an extra $600? Let us know in the comments!


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