Invizimals are “Real-Life” Pokemon for the PSP

According to the game, a Sony engineer in Tokyo has discovered that the PSP camera (included with the game)  is more sensitive than the human eye, and can see “creatures of light” hiding out on real-world objects. Now that humans can use this technology see Invizimals (strange Pokemon-like creatures), you can collect, interact with, evolve and send them into battle! Look for them wherever you can: on your desk, the top of your TV, in your closet, in your empty shoe boxes, etc. Each game comes with a camera to spot your critters and a “trap card,” which allows players to catch, raise and level them once they’re seen. Different monsters spawn in different locations depending on colors in their environment and the time of day.

This augmented reality game is a must-have for any Pokemon, Monster Rancher, Digimon or Spectrobes fan as well as for the gamer that likes to let their imagination run wild. There are over 100 Invizimals to catch, so it will take time and persistence to collect them all!

Invizimals for PSP is available at P.C. Richard & Son. When you purchase the game you also receive 40 rewards points!


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