Know Your Ovens: Our Best Baking Ovens for the Holidays

Photo by Marianne Muegenburg Cothern via:
Photo by Marianne Muegenburg Cothern via:

The holidays are filled with a multitude of sweet and savory treats. From roast turkeys to pumpkin pie and cookies for Santa, homes around the world begin to fill with the delicious aromas of holiday foods. However, an oven with uneven heating doesn’t measure up for the passionate baker. P.C. Richard & Son has a put together a list of the best baking ovens for the holidays and for meals throughout the year.

Best Baking Oven: Gas or Electric?

The controversy sometimes rages among bakers, are the best ovens for baking gas or electric? Some bakers state that an electric oven provides a more consistent temperature thereby offering more even baking, while other bakers swear by their gas ovens. It’s truly a matter of personal preference.

Electric Ovens

The LG 30-inch electric range features one of the largest baking ovens, offering 6.3 cubic feet of baking space. It also has an infrared heating element that helps cut preheating time down by almost 20-percent, which is a helpful feature when you need to make a batch of holiday cookies for your child’s class at the last minute.

If your kitchen space requires a slider oven, consider the Samsung electric induction range with its Flex Duo oven. Ideal for baking, this oven splits into two, one measuring 2.6 cubic feet and the other at 3.1 cubic feet, via Samsung’s Smart Divider. Bakers have two oven spaces, each with its own temperature control but can switch back to a single oven space easily.

Gas Ovens

The Frigidaire gas range features a quick-bake convection oven that will thrill any time-crunched baker. Convection cooking bakes faster than traditional baking ovens and some bakers feel that it helps create more even browning, ideal for the perfect tray of golden-brown chocolate chip cookies. It’s a standing range with continuous corner-to-corner grates and smudge-proof stainless steel to resist fingerprints.

Check out the GE CafĂ© double oven, a gas range with a self-cleaning convection oven. It features two separate oven compartments, both with large windows so it’s easy to check on how the cakes and muffins are rising. A double oven makes it easy to bake pumpkin bread in one oven and a batch of sugar cookies for Santa in the other simultaneously, giving the baker more time to enjoy the holiday.

Baking Oven Features

Bakers know that convection ovens offer quicker baking times and often more even browning for cookies and other goodies. Other features to consider when shopping for the best oven for baking include:

  • A large window to make it easy to see into the oven during baking
  • Self-cleaning feature
  • Warming drawer for proofing dough
  • Racks that are easy to re-configure as needed
  • Internal oven space, the more room, the more you can bake at once!

P.C. Richard & Son offers a huge selection of ovens from the brand names you know and trust. From standing ovens to slide-in models and wall ovens, we have the baking oven you want so you can enjoy creating delectable treats during the holidays and year-round.


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