LG OLED TVs – There’s Nothing Else Like It

TV picture quality has improved dramatically over the last few years. Long gone are the days of grainy images; an emergence of high definition broadcasting and video streaming has become the norm. And yet, when it seemed like there was little room left for improvement, LG OLED 4K TVs impressed us all.

What is OLED?

LG E hdrOLED is exclusive to the LG brand. It’s a technology that uses LEDs as pixels like conventional LCD TVs, but instead of back lighting the TV panel to turn the pixels on and off, OLED organic LEDs are self-illuminating. Currently, other TVs split the panel up and isolate areas into small grids called Local Dimming. As the pixels are needed, the TV’s back light or edge light brightens or dims each specific space. It’s very accurate, and contrast and black tones are intense, but OLED TVs are even richer in color.

OLED TV pixels turn on when brightness and colors are needed but then turn off completely to create the purest black space. Then, the slightest amount of lighting injected into the microscopic pixel areas will reveal hidden details. This creates extremely accurate depictions of movie scenes, and they appear on the TV screen as we would see them in real life. LG OLED TVs feature 4K resolution, which has over eight million pixels, so even the tiniest details can be seen!


OLED TVs Exceed Expectations

LG patherContrast is the key to sharp, realistic images. The better the contrast, the more true-to-life the images appear. Contrast creates shadows, picture depth, details, and aids in color accuracy.

OLED pixels can light up extremely brightly, and when they’re located next to a pixel that is turned off, the contrast ratio cannot be any greater.

Intense colors are created by a 10-bit TV panel. It displays over a billion colors that are lifelike and accurate. Combined with distinct shadowing, the picture depth is stunning. The images appear as though they’re jumping off of the screen, adding more excitement, detail, and dimension than you’ve ever imagined.

Past, Present, and Future

LG Oled LifestyleThe biggest benefit of plasma TVs 10 years ago was their ability to create deep, dark tones. Today’s LCD TVs are known for sharp, bright images. OLED TVs go well beyond both. There are some LCD TVs that can display brighter images, but none can go darker or exhibit a wider contrast ratio.

OLED is ready for the future of broadcasting. It’s capable of displaying anything that is currently available or on the horizon, and it can do it like no other TV available. Imagine being able to see every detail the camera captured of a pitch-black cave or the darkest depths of an  eerie house while watching a thriller. OLED contrast makes that possible, right now.

If you’re interested in the absolute best TV picture technology available, shop our full line of LG OLED TVs today!



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