Making Your Home a Smart Home: Adding a Wi-Fi Thermostat

A great addition to any home automation system is a Wi-Fi Thermostat, especially during the chilly winter months! The Nest Thermostat offers precise comfort control, it’s intuitive to your preferences, and it will help you save money on heating and cooling costs.

What Can the Nest Thermostat Do?

Nest BlogThe Nest Thermostat is simple to install and even easier to use. Once the Nest is installed, connect to Wi-Fi, download the free-to-use Nest App, make a few temperature adjustments and that’s it. The Nest will learn your routines and adjust by itself accordingly.

When the Nest recognizes you’re close by, it lights up and displays the time and temperature. It also knows when you leave and can automatically switch to a pre-set away temperature; that way you’re not heating or cooling an empty home.

The Nest App lets you schedule temperature changes, make adjustments on-the-fly, and tracks energy consumption. The app then compiles information for an end-of-month energy report, showing you when energy is used most and how to use less.

The result is saving up to 10-15% on heating and cooling costs each year!

The Nest ConnectsNest Blog 3

The Nest easily connects to many smart devices, with more being added every day. It seamlessly integrates with other Nest products such as the Drop Cam or the Protect Smart Smoke Detector. They can all be controlled from the Nest App and work in conjunction to keep your family comfortable and safe.

Other Wi-Fi Thermostats

Lyric 3Honeywell has also designed amazing Wi-Fi thermostats. The Honeywell Lyric is a smart thermostat that is app-controlled from a smartphone.

It automatically adjusts to maintain a comfortable environment according to temperature and humidity conditions. It sends notifications when these change and uses geo-fencing to know when to adjust home or away settings, thereby saving money and energy use.

The Lyric can connect with other smart devices to add more convenience and features, and it’s compatible with Samsung SmartThings and Apple HomeKit.

Are you interested in saving money on heating and cooling costs, or having complete control over the thermostat no matter where you are? Check out our full line of Wi-Fi Thermostats here and add one to your smart home system today!



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