MLB 10 The Show: The P.C. Richard & Son Whistle Strikeout!

The PlayStation-exclusive The Show series has been a huge hit for baseball fans. With this year’s MLB 10 The Show, you can enjoy a first-rate baseball experience with features and modes destined to quicken the heart, raise the stakes, and hurl you into a true MLB baseball experience with Home Run Derby, MLB All-Star Futures Game, Movie Maker, Catcher Mode and more. One of the great things we love about the game is its ability to add custom sounds, and we’re impressed at how our customers and fellow Yankees fans are taking advantage of this feature! Many have asked us for the P.C. Richard & Son whistle heard during the game so they can include it.

While scouring the web for what was out there, we found a great Yankees custom sounds pack over on the Operation Sports Forums, but the whistle sound included is a little too short to be included in the game for some people. You can download a 6-second clip here (right click on the link and go to File > Save As…): P.C. Richard & Son Whistle Theme

You can also find custom box art covers featuring the Yankees (and all the other teams) that you can print out, again from the Operation Sports Forums. Warning: this thread is image-heavy, so beware if you have a slow connection!

How are you enjoying MLB 10 The Show? Have you set custom sounds? Let us know in the comments. If you don’t have MLB 10 The Show, check it out here for PS3 and here for PSP!


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