Back To School – Choosing the Right Laptop

Group of college students studying at campus

If you’re heading to college for the first time, the most important thing you will need is a laptop. You’ll use your laptops for more than just class work: for streaming movies, shows or music, staying in touch with friends and family, gaming, storing photos and much more. You’ll want to find one that’s right for you and your needs, as well as last through your college life.

Before you begin your search for the perfect laptop, the first thing you should do is check with your school or major for specific system requirements. Some colleges and universities want their students equipped with a Windows-based laptop to cut down on software incompatibility issues. Others will let you use almost any operating system, but to be on the safe side you should always check first.

Once you have checked with your school here are some tips on what to keep in mind when shopping for your laptop:

What Screen ScreenSize Should I get?

Keep it light. A big screen may seem awesome, but hauling it back and forth to and from class can
be a real pain in the booty.  The most portable screen size for laptops are 11-14 inches and those models usually don’t weigh more than 5 pounds, making them much easier to transport. However, keep in mind the viewing and typing experience on smaller screens will be different to what you might be used to. The best way to find out which screen size you will be more comfortable viewing and typing on is to stop into a store and try out a few choices.


How Much Storage Do I Need? 

Depending on what classes you will be taking will depend on how much storage you will want or need. 4GB is ample for the average college student, but if you can find a notebook for the same price with 6 or 8GB of RAM, get it. The more RAM you have, the more your computer will be able to handle all at once (running multiple programs, rendering games, etc.). If not most laptops have ample USB ports, so you can expand storage capacity as you need it. Upgrading to a 500GB or 1TB hard drive won’t cost a lot either if you wanted to go that route, but if you’re not a video junkie or an aspiring filmmaker you shouldn’t need that much storage.

What are the Benefits of Chromebooks?

The key advantage of having a Chromebook is that nothing is saved locally. Instead, all your apps, preferences, documents, and data are saved on Google’s servers in the cloud. This means if you lose your machine, have it stolen, or spill a cup of coffee over it, there is absolutely no risk of your information being lost. The Chromebook also offers superior security. Say you visit a suspicious website by clicking on a bad link, open a spammy email attachment accidentally, or download a program that has a fishy origin… a Chromebook has you covered. Due to the device’s stateless operating system which has built-in multi-layered protection, viruses will be one less thing to worry about. One of the best benefits is the price: the HP 14″ Chromebook NVidia Tegra is rated one of the best notebooks for college students and is just under $300!

What about Hyhybridsbrids?

There are plenty of reasons to scoop up a 2-in-1 hybrid, starting with the fact that you’ll have one device that can double as a laptop and tablet. When you need to get work done, you can use a keyboard and run desktop programs. When you want to kick back on the couch and check Facebook or watch videos you can go with the touchpad instead! It’s a great option for college students and hybrids come in either a detachable design or a convertible approach in which the notebook’s hinge rotates 360 degrees for a similar effect.  Thinking about a hybrid? Check out the list CNET put together of the best touch screen and hybrid laptops of 2015.


How Much Power Do I Need?

Laptops offer a wide selection of processors, but it’s rarely worth paying extra for a faster CPU. Most laptops sold these days are more than fast enough for the average college student’s tasks. Web browsing, spreadsheets, simple programming, web development, word processing, and the all-important social media browsing don’t require a supreme processor. A powerful processor will just drain your battery faster anyway.Anything labeled Intel Core i3 or i5 should meet the average student’s needs.

What about Battery Life?

With a day filled with classes and extracurricular activities, battery life is important. Many laptops today have multiple battery options. Figure out where battery life ranks in your list of importance when purchasing a laptop for school. You may decide purchasing an additional battery is a good idea, if an extended one isn’t available. Unfortunately, a big battery adds more weight, but the extra weight might be well worth it if it means not having to plug in the entire day.  If you want to squeeze the most juice of your laptop’s battery try following these 9 tips for longer laptop battery life.


Looking for some more helpful tips as you head back to school this year, check out our Get U Ready page for tips to help you survive the school year including, study tips & tricks, college organization, college life hacks and more!


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Getting Smart About Keeping Cooling Cost Down: WiFi Thermostats

Smart Home Thermostat

When the heat soars, cooling costs also rise. Adjusting a thermostat just 7 to 10 degrees from its normal setting for 8 hours daily can save as much as 10 percent annually on your energy costs, reports Programmable WiFi thermostats make adjusting for energy savings easy. A programmable WiFi thermostat allows effortless management of energy consumption by controlling both cooling and heating from your smartphone, computer or other connected device.

Programmable Thermostat Basics

A basic programmable thermostat eliminates the hassle of having to manually adjust the home’s comfort levels several times daily. You can store multiple temperature settings, repeat daily settings and easily override any program when additional adjustments are needed. With a programmable thermostat, you can have your air conditioning run less during the day while everyone is gone and then set it to kick on about 30 minutes before you normally return home.

Benefits of WiFi Thermostats

One of the greatest benefits of a WiFi thermostat is the ability to manage your central HVAC system remotely. When plans change and you’re returning home earlier than usual, simply adjust the temperature settings from your smartphone and enjoy stepping into a perfectly cooled home even when the outdoor thermometer reads 98 degrees.

Remote access for the WiFi thermostat is via the Web or mobile apps designed specifically for your thermostat. Mobile apps are available for both Apple and Android devices. There are several options for WiFi thermostats including units from Honeywell and Nest.

Tip: Look for WiFi thermostats compatible with your home’s energy source. Some work with gas or electric while others may be used with any source.

Honeywell WiFi Thermostats

Honeywell offers dab9d6be-4aa3-42f5-b1be-b7aa40739e7d_400different wireless thermostat options, each designed to make your life a bit easier. The Honeywell models allow you to program it directly at the wall unit as well as through the Web portal and mobile apps. A touchscreen feature makes it simple to program adjustments as well as choose display color themes for easy readability and to complement the room’s décor.

Smart Response technology from Honeywell provides security settings to prevent unauthorized changes, email alerts and specialty programming for vacations. It’s a good choice if there’s a need to monitor multiple locations such as rental units or offices as Honeywell models can be programmed for more than two locations.


The Nest WiFi Thermostats

What if you don’t have central HVAC? Consider a WiFi air conditioner timer or adapter that allows you to  control a window air conditioning unit from a smartphone or other mobile device. You can turn the unit on  remotely or adjust the temperature controls as desired.


Still not sure which WiFi thermostat is best for your home? Check in with one of our P.C. Richard & Son    air    conditioning specialists at 877-727-1909. We can answer all your questions.



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How to Pick Your Perfect Grill


A004_C003_0101GMNothing beats a thick, juicy burger branded with grill lines, except maybe a steak with a perfect sear! The outdoor grill is the centerpiece of the backyard kitchen. BBQ grills offer even novice home cooks a simple way to prepare delicious meals with distinctive flavors while enjoying the outdoors. Eighty percent of all households own an outdoor barbecue, grill or smoker, reports the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (H.P.B.A.).

But how do you pick the perfect grill? There are several things to consider, including the grill’s size, features and fuel type. Choosing a new grill by fuel type is most common. Whether you’re a fan of gas grills or die-hard charcoal grillmaster, we’ve got the facts you need and the tips you want for picking the perfect grill.

Gas Grills

Most gas grills use propane as the fuel source. However, natural gas is an option as well. A grill fueled by natural gas uses a residential gas line, making this type of grill low-maintenance and easy to use. Grills fueled by propane tanks require changing out the tank or refilling the tank once it’s been depleted.

Propane grills and natural gas grills burn cleaner than a charcoal grill, but won’t provide that distinctive smoky or charcoal taste that charcoal grills provide. Gas grills have an electric starter and ignite quickly, which is a plus when you have a hungry group to feed. With a gas grill you’ll experience more even cooking temperatures versus charcoal. There’s also less mess — no charcoal or ashes to remove after grilling.

Charcoal Grills

If you dream of grilled meats and vegetables infused with an intense, open-flame flavor, then a charcoal grill is the best choice. A bit of patience is required with charcoal cooking, but the flavor rewards are immense. Once the charcoal has been lit, it can take about 15 to 20 minutes for the coals to get hot enough for cooking, so meal planning is key. Charcoal grills in general tend to cost less than gas grills and often are quite lightweight, making them ideal if they need to moved.

Electric Grills

Perfect for small patios and balconies, the electric grill does require an electrical outlet for use. These little gems don’t take long to heat up and can reach the high temperatures desired for searing meat and other proteins.


Choose a smoker for slow-cooking large quantities of meat at one time. Slow smoke racks of ribs, a whole turkey, roasts or several links of sausage. You can even smoke fish and vegetables like zucchini, eggplant and asparagus. For more versatility, look for one that can use both charcoal and aromatic wood for that deep, smoky flavor.

Portable Grills

Sometimes you just need to take that grilling goodness on the road. Portable grills are ideal for tailgating, camping, picnics and other outdoor events. Whether you choose a charcoal style or gas portable grill, look for models with strong, heavy grilling plates made from durable materials like stainless steel. It should be sturdy and yet easy to transport.

When choosing any type of backyard grill look for durability and stability, you don’t want it to wiggle when you’re trying to cook. Consider how much you’re likely to grill at one time, which helps determine how much cooking surface is needed. Don’t forget to consider side burners and food prep space.


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Planning the Ultimate Summer Road Trip: Top 5 Things You Need for a Girls’ Weekend Getaway

Road Trip with the girls

Think great friends, awesome tunes and a fabulous destination for the ultimate girls’ summer road trip! Don’t let summer pass you by without planning a great weekend getaway with your girlfriends. Leave the guys (and kids) at home and take a couple days to enjoy a carefree weekend filled with laughter and non-stop fun.

We’ve got the five top things needed for the perfect summer road trip with the girls:

1. GPS

Relying on smartphone apps for all navigation needs means trusting you’ll always be driving in an area with cellular coverage. Trust a GPS to get you where you want to go and to help you find interesting places to explore along the way. Look for a unit with a high-resolution, LED screen that measures at least 5-inches and offers real-time alternate route choices for construction and other traffic delays. Units that offer free lifetime maps make it easy to stay up-to-date when planning next year’s girls’ weekend getaway.

Still trying to decide where to head on the east coast with the girls? How about:

  • Atlantic City for the beach, boardwalk and casino fun.
  • Long Island wine region for tours and wine tastings.
  • Nantucket for antiquing and fine dining.

2. MP3 Player

Forget paying monthly fees for satellite radio in your vehicle. Use an MP3 player for your car audio needs and have your favorite music on hand, all the time. Create a special road trip playlist and be sure to include these 10 favorites:

  • “Shut Up and Drive” (Rihanna)
  • “Life in the Fast Lane” (The Eagles)
  • “Fun, Fun, Fun” (The Beach Boys)
  • “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” (The Proclaimers)
  • “Life is a Highway” (Tom Cochrane)
  • “Every Day is a Winding Road” (Sheryl Crow)
  • “Little Red Corvette” (Prince)
  • “Go Your Own Way” (Fleetwood Mac)
  • “Route 66” (The Rolling Stones)
  • “Celebration” (Kool & the Gang)

3. Back-up Camera

The right auto accessories can help you get out of a tight space and make the trip a little easier for the driver. A rear-view camera is helpful when backing up out of any parking space, down driveways or when attempting to parallel park along a busy street. There are several models that can be installed easily before leaving for your trip and it’s an accessory you’ll use for as long as you own the vehicle.

4. Fresh Snacks

You’d never consider inviting friends over and not serving some form of refreshments, right? Likewise, fresh snacks are an essential component of any road trip. Plan to pack two coolers, one specifically for drinks and the other for snacks that require chilling. If space permits, pack a full case of bottled water — it’s always cheaper to bring your own than to rely on picking it up at a gas station or convenience store. Great road trip snacks include:

  • Individual cheeses
  • Fresh fruit such as grapes, strawberries and blueberries
  • Gourmet chocolates (keep in the cooler to avoid melting)
  • Chocolate covered nuts or white chocolate covered pretzels
  • Gourmet snack crackers
  • Trail mix
  • Cake pops (keep chilled)

5. Pre-Trip Essential: the Tune-Up

The last thing you want on any road trip is a break-down. Plan ahead and schedule a pre-trip tune-up for your vehicle, including an oil change. Make sure the tire pressure and brakes are checked thoroughly. This may be the ideal time to have a remote car starter installed in your vehicle as well.



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Planning the Ultimate Summer Road Trip: Family Trips to the Cape

Family Road Trip

Pack up the kids; it’s time for the ultimate summer road trip! Whether you’re planning a cross-country trek to visit family or a week-long getaway to the Cape, look to P.C. Richard and Son for ways to keep everyone entertained as the miles roll along.

Here are 5 must-haves for a stress-free summer road trip with kids of all ages:




1. Keep on Track With a GPS

A quality GarminGPS navigation system with updated maps help you avoid construction and other traffic delays that can add hours to any road trip. GPS features to look for include real-time traffic updates, reliable route alternatives to avoid construction, or other traffic snarls and free map upgrades for life. While a map service or GPS app for your phone may be able to get you from point A to point B, a portable GPS offers much more, including multiple destination routing… and keeps your mobile phone free for entertaining the kids!



2. Smart Snacks = Happy Kids

It’s essential to pack kid-friendly snacks for any road trip. Without ample supply you’ll end up having to stop often, therefore wasting time and often indulging in not-so-healthy choices. The five perfect snacks to pack for any road trip with kids are:

  • String cheese
  • Snack baggies filled with pretzels
  • Grapes (only if the kids are old enough; grapes can be a choking hazard)
  • Granola bars (tip: the chewier ones create fewer crumbs)
  • Snack baggies filled with baby carrots and celery sticks

You want to pack snacks the kids will eat but ones that won’t be super messy or potentially hazardous. Keep everything chilled in a cooler. The U.S.D.A. recommends packing drinks in a separate cooler so the food cooler is not opened frequently.

3. Games and Entertainment EssentialsTablet

Keep the kids entertained by playing family-friendly games like 20 Questions, I Spy and the Alphabet Game. The Alphabet Game can be played multiple times and the rules are simple: the driver chooses a category (cartoon characters, foods, etc.). Everyone starts with the letter A and tries to come up with cartoon character that starts with A. Play rounds for each letter of the alphabet.

When everyone tires of games, let the kids pass the time by watching a movie on a  car video system or your tablet. A tablet PC offers even the youngest viewer a nice-sized screen to enjoy a favorite movie. Don’t forget to pack headphones!


4. Remote Start for Quick Cooling

Nothing is wo4105v-1rse during the heat of summer than having to get back into a vehicle that’s baked in the scorching sun. Whether it’s a rest stop for lunch or a side trip to enjoy a scenic view, entering a stifling hot vehicle makes everyone uncomfortable and cranky. A remote car starter solves this problem. Use the remote start to get the air conditioning running, reducing the interior heat before everyone gets back in.




5. Post Trip Essentials

You’ve spent 10 days at the Cape, three of those days were in the car with the entire family — sometimes you simply need a bit of rest after your “restful” vacation. De-stress from the driving and other vacation activities by lounging in the yard in an outdoor chair or taking a long, uninterrupted soak in the bath tub. You’ll feel relaxed and recharged after enjoying some down time. Then you can begin planning next summer’s road trip!


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Win A Trip To The iHeartRadio Music Festival 2015 In Las Vegas


How would you like to win a trip for two to Las Vegas to see the hottest concert of the year?! Two back-to-back nights of amazing talent in a city internationally known for its nightlife? Of course you would, and P.C. Richard & Son wants to send you there!

We are giving away a pair of tickets to the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas, September 19th and 20th! The grand prize includes; round trip airfare for two, hotel accommodations for two nights, two tickets to each night of the iHeartRadio Music Festival and two tickets to the iHeartRadio Music Festival Village. You do not want to miss this show!

To enter for a chance to win the iHeartRadio Music Festival Sweepstakes 2015, “like” us on Facebook and fill out the entry form here, or stop by any of our convenient sweepstakes kiosk at any of our 66 P.C. Richard & Son Superstores! Hurry . . . . Sweepstakes ends August 21, 2015!

Good Luck!!!


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How to Buy the Right Type of Air Conditioner for You


imagesChoosing the right air conditioner unit, when central HVAC may not an option, involves several factors. To determine what type of air conditioner to buy, consider the following questions:

  • What type of window space can I install a unit in?
  • Is an in-wall or slide-out unit possible?
  • How many BTUs do I need to effectively cool the room?
  • Will it need to be portable?

You may also need to factor in the ease of installation and the energy efficiency the AC unit offers.

Window Space

Types of air conditioners vary depending upon the window space available. A vertical hung sash window that opens up and down typically can accommodate a standard window air conditioner, while a slider/casement style AC unit is needed for casement windows that crank open or slide open horizontally. These types of indoor air conditioners sit on the window sill with the window partially open, held secure in place by the window sash and/or other manufacturer recommended methods.

In-Wall or Slide-Out Window AC Units

The chassis is the supportive frame for a window air conditioner unit. Units built with a slide-out chassis can be removed and may be installed through a wall inside an air conditioner sleeve (which may require brackets for support.) Certain in-wall AC units can be installed so they sit flush with the wall, creating a sleek, minimalistic look. In-wall and slide-out chassis air conditioner units don’t have the same side-vents a regular window air conditioner has, but they do offer a high cooling capacity ideal for bedrooms and offices.

Note: The thickness of your wall will determine if installing an in-wall air conditioner is possible.

About BTUs

BTUs, or British thermal units, are units of energy. Cooling is measured in BTU per hour. According to, “Based on size alone, an air conditioner generally needs 20 BTU for each square foot of living space.” On average, most window AC units or portable air conditioners range from 5,500 BTU per hour to 14,000 BTU per hour. You may also see units with a cooling capacity size of a ton. A ton, in air conditioner cooling terms, means that unit has a rate of 12,000 BTU per hour.

While the size of the room is key in figuring how much BTU is needed, don’t forget to consider how much sun or shade the room receives, the effectiveness of the room’s insulation and the height of the ceilings — it takes more energy to cool a room with 9-foot or higher ceilings.

Tip: When buying a window air conditioner, avoid one that is oversized (too high BTU) for the space. Use a BTU calculator to figure the right size for the space.

Portable AC Units

A portable AC unit is an ideal choice if your room has only one window or a window AC unit isn’t permitted by your landlord. Consider a portable air conditioner for rooms that need supplemental cooling, such as offices, enclosed porches or loft rooms. You can find units with timers, multi-fan settings and that are easy to move from room to room as needed.

Trust P.C. Richard & Son for all your air conditioner needs, including wall sleeve replacement air conditioners and accessories such as filters, sealing foam, brackets and covers for when the unit is not in use.



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Patio Furniture – Summer Trends

It’s not too late to spruce up your yard, deck or patio! There is still plenty of summer left to enjoy the outdoors, and with the right patio furniture you can enjoy it in style. Here are some of our favorite trends we have seen this season:

The Fire Pit

Fire pits are a great place to bond with friends and family and      well worth the money.  Whether you use your fire pit in the  summer or the winter, it’s always enjoyable. During the summer  nights it’s a great place to gather and roast marshmallows and  during the colder months it’s a warm, cozy place to hang and  chat with friends without being stuck indoors. You can browse a  variety of fire pit sets here.


Hanover Fire pit set



Is your style more traditional? If so, wicker furniture is what you want. Wicker has always given a traditional, homey feel to any outdoor living area, and you’ll love how durable and easy to clean it is. Wicker furniture is also super easy to dress up with stylish outdoor pillows, allowing you to add some color to your outdoor living space. It’s no surprise that wicker is such a popular trend.





During the summer months it’s nice to relax outside under the sun, but as temperatures rise if you don’t have the luxury of natural shade from trees or a swimming pool to cool off in your outdoor living space may be too unbearably hot to enjoy. A patio umbrella is a perfect way to create a shaded, cool area in your yard, allowing you to enjoy the warm summer air comfortably. As for the summer nights, adding string lights to your patio umbrella adds the right amount of light for hanging outside in the evenings and highlights any outdoor decor perfectly.

patio umbrella

Egg Swings

Enjoy the feeling of being on vacation with resort-style hanging egg swings. Adding these suspended baskets to your outdoor living space provides a comfy spot for relaxing or curling up with a good book. It’s a perfect addition to your yard or patio area if you’re looking to create your own backyard oasis.





Adirondack Chairs

Adirondack chairs have long been a symbol of relaxation making these iconic wooden chairs a summertime must have! The rustic and timeless appeal of an Adirondack chair will add instant charm to your yard or patio. They are perfect for lounging or gathering with friends and come in a wide variety of color for any personality, or try mixing and matching colors to really brighten up your outdoor space.


adirondack chairs



Looking for more summer trends or inspiration? Follow our board ‘Summer Backyard/Patio Fun’ on Pinterest for ideas on décor, lighting and much more! If you have recently made over your backyard we would love for you to share pictures with us on Instagram using @pcrichardandson #BackyardGetaway2015. Relax and enjoy your outdoor space this summer!


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HP Back To School Bundle Sweepstakes


It’s that time of year again! You may not want to think about school while you’re lying on the beach, but now is the time to start preparing to head back and we want to help. P.C. Richard & Son wants to kick off your school year right with a chance to win an HP Back to School Bundle! This bundle has everything you’ll need for studying: a desktop computer for the dorm, laptop for class, and a wireless printer!

The lucky winner could be YOU! For a chance to win you can enter on our Facebook page here or stop by any of our 66 P.C. Richard & Son Superstore locations and fill out an entry form at our convenient sweepstakes kiosk. GOOD LUCK!

Looking for help preparing for the school year? Visit our Back to School page with tips to help you survive the school year and view our checklist of what you need for studying, cooking, cleaning, relaxing and having fun. From classroom to dorm room, P.C. Richard & Son has everything you need to get ‘U’ ready for the upcoming school year!


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Outdoor Man Cave Done Right

SunBrite TV

Who said your man cave had to be inside? You can take it outdoors and still have a large flat screen TV and serious sound system, plus a great grill for manly eats and a mini fridge to keep your favorite beverages close. You can have all these luxuries outdoors, and when done right, still create a space the whole family can use too.

Must-haves for the ultimate outdoor man cave?

  • Outdoor TV
  • Great sound system
  • Grill
  • Outdoor fridge
  • Comfortable seating

Outdoor TV vs. Indoor TV

There are signifurlicant and important differences between outdoor and indoor television sets. An all-weather outdoor TV is designed specifically to withstand outdoor conditions such as heat, humidity, dust and even bugs and it will have an electrical cord rated for outdoor use.


When you’re outside watching the big game, you want a TV with an anti-glare screen that won’t make it difficult to see who’s at bat or which team just scored that touchdown. Outdoor TV screens also have a protective layering to resist scratches and any issues from the elements. You can mount an outdoor TV to a wall and create an eye-catching focal point for your outdoor man cave.

Sound Systems

Depending on the proximity of your neighbors, you may opt for a pair of headphones while enjoying the game on your outdoor TV. However, a great portable sound system may be just want you need when hosting a game day party — just don’t forget to invite the neighbors! Consider wireless speakers that also can be used to stream your favorite music as well, ideal for parties and get-togethers when you’re not using the outdoor TV.



Whether you swear by the easy start of a gas grill or are a die-hard, got-to-have-charcoal kind of guy, P.C. Richard & Son has the perfect grill for your outdoor man cave. If the outdoor TV is going to be the focal point of your man cave, then consider placing the grill on the opposite side of the space. This helps keep smoke from wafting into the TV viewing area and is a great way to keep the “kitchen” in its own space. Consider a grill that will serve all your needs. Side burners are a great way to heat sauces and sides liked baked beans. A grill with a large work area plus space for holding the proper tools is the perfect way to keep any grillmaster organized and on point when cooking for a crowd.

Mini Fridge

A compact refrigerator or mini fridge is an easy way to maximize space in an outdoor man cave. A compact fridge measuring 5.6 cubic feet can hold about 5.1 cubic feet of fresh food. It’s perfect for keeping cans, bottles and other beverages cold and within reach while grilling and watching the game with friends. Some mini fridges even include freezer space; a nice feature when you want popsicles handy for the kids when sharing this luxury leisure space with the family on movie night.

Comfortable Seating

The ultimate outdoor man cave needs comfortable seating that includes a place to put your feet up and can double as a great conversation area when entertaining friends. Look for sets with thick cushions upholstered in all-weather fabric that will resist fading with sun exposure. If the space permits, indulge in sectional-style outdoor seating that comes with a cushion footrest that can double as an additional seat if needed.

Other outdoor man cave items to consider are fans to keep cool even on the warmest days, and decorative lighting. If the layout and spacing of the outdoor area allows, don’t forget to add a fire pit!


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