Performance Recap: Melissa Etheridge at the P.C. Richard & Son Theater on April 29, 2010

There was laughter when the MCs jokingly introduced Justin Bieber at the P.C. Richard & Son Theater last night, but the theater roared with the applause of 200 die-hard fans when they really announced who was coming to the stage: Melissa Etheridge. Many had won tickets on the radio or through Melissa’s fan club; others had won on the P.C. Richard Theater website; and more won across our Facebook, Twitter, and blog pages. The theater is more like an intimate club: there is no seating and only about 20 rows of standing room. The artists are easily reachable. Many were impressed at just how close they got to their favorite singer.

Melissa performed 5 songs: No Souvenirs, Fearless Love, Stay With Me, The Wanting, and Like the Way I Do. Stay With Me was a cover of a song also covered by Bette Midler. “All last summer on my solo tour, I would do a solo song. I did all kinds of things, everything from songs I used to do when I was little, to songs I’d never sung, to songs I loved. I think the one song that most people really liked was this song,” she explained to the crowd. “It’s from a movie… well, no, it’s actually an old blues song. [sigh] I meant to get the name of the artist who did it, but I didn’t! I’m sure someone will look it up and tell me.” If you ever get a chance, tell Melissa that it was originally performed by Lorainne Ellison.

One of the audience members noticed a colorful illustration on Melissa’s wrist before her last song. A new tattoo? “You know what that was? That was one of those temporary tattoo things that had a butterfly on it [from my daughter],” she said, “But it’s tempting, but not there. Ow! That would hurt, right? I’m a wuss with tattoos. My first tattoo [pointing to her neck]… It took like two minutes. It was like, [high-pitched] ‘Okay, done!'”

Melissa is in New York to do a few promotions for her new album Fearless Love. “I did The View today,” she announced, and the audience started cheering. “It’ll be on tomorrow [today, 4/30], but that was fun.” One of the audience members told her she’d see her again tomorrow at her Good Morning America show. “That’s… early in the mornin’,” she laughed, “They want me to sing that early in the morning. Promotions I guess, they’re crazy time.”

She also talked about her recent performance on Dancing with the Stars (“They were like, ‘Do you like the show?’ and I’m like, ‘I’ve never seen the show!'”) and meeting Crystal from American Idol:

And when an audience member suggested she do a duet with Crystal? “That’d be fun.”

Melissa put on an excellent show and everyone in the audience had a great time. I was able to meet up with some of the social networking winners, too! One winner, Dominick, brought his mother for Mother’s Day. Here are some pictures I took of the winners:

Check out Melissa Etheridge singing Stay With Me:

You can check out photos of the event on our Facebook page. There are more great artists to come to the P.C. Richard & Son Theater. You can only win your way in to these exclusive events! To get in on the action, go to


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  • thank you PC Richards

    WOW…MELISSA is back in a big way. She has never looked so good and sounded so soulful as she did as the PCRichards show.