Performance Recap: Sony Presents Lee DeWyze at the P.C. Richard & Son Theater

Fans were treated to a very special performance from Lee DeWyze at the P.C. Richard & Son Theater last night! Lee put on a very powerful performance and debuted brand-new songs off his new album, Live It Up. I went behind the scenes with the Sony Bloggie Touch camera/camcorder to show you the entire production from the start!

Fans were lined up outside 32 Avenue of the Americas from before I got there. Lee mentioned during his performance how touched he was to see the fans standing outside so early; by the time he had arrived at the theater four hours before the show, even more fans had shown up. Here are some shots of the crowd gathering outside before check-in:

While fans were waiting outside, Lee and his band were getting warmed up in sound check. Even the sound check sounded great! They played several of their brand-new songs a few times over, since this performance was the first time they would be playing them in front of a live audience.

Lee and his family hung out backstage and in Lee’s dressing room until it was time for the meet and greet with select VIP attendees. Among those VIPs was our VIP experience winner, Stephanie C. from Seaford, NY, who had just arrived by limo escort with 5 of her friends to the theater:

Soon, the fans were pouring in and warming up from outside. Z100 DJ J.J. held a raffle and gave out 24 Sony Bloggie Touch cameras to lucky ticket holders. Check YouTube for fan footage of the concert taken by the Sony Bloggie Touch winners, or click here to see ours! I was really impressed with the video quality in such low light and the sound quality, even though I was so close to the stage and afraid it would warp.

Once the show began, Lee and his band performed 9 songs:

  • Stay Here
  • Live It Up
  • Earth Stood Still
  • Weightless
  • Beautiful Like You
  • Dear Isabelle
  • A Song About Love (completely unplanned; not on the set list!)
  • It’s Gotta Be Love
  • Sweet Serendipity
  • Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen cover)

Lee said the performance was “the most fun” he’d had in a long time. Here’s a Lee DeWyze performance secret: try and go to a performance on or very close to your birthday. Before performing Earth Stood Still, Lee began mysteriously questioning the crowd. “Is it anyone’s birthday here today? For real,” he questioned. When no one said it was, he pulled the girl with the closest birthday to the stage and dedicated the song especially to her (seen right).

All-in-all, Lee’s performance was perfect and really proved to the audience why he was selected to win last season of American Idol.

For more video taken at the show, check out our YouTube page.

Audience members walked out of our theater having a once-in-a-lifetime experience to see Lee DeWyze up-close and personal, a Sony Electronics gift bag, and select audience members received either a Sony Bloggie Touch or signed Live It Up album from Lee DeWyze. Head on over to our Facebook page to see other photos taken at the event.

All photos and videos added to this post were taken by the Sony Bloggie Touch HD Camera with full HD video, 12.8 megapixel images, a 3” touch screen, built-in software and more.

If you were at the show, what did you think? Let us know in the comments! If you got a Sony Bloggie Touch, please also share your concert footage in the comments.


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  • Annie S

    LOVE LOVE LOVE lee better than any other artist. this is the most relaxed i’ve ever seen him. i never voted on idol or bought music, but i voted for him every tues. about 800 times and 1500 times on the finale. he’s gonna be HUGE like bon jovi. GO LEE!!!!!! i’m SO proud of you and i love following your progress.