Samsung Galaxy Tab® 3 Hits July 7th… Pre-Order Yours at P.C. Richard & Son Today!

The 7-inch, 8-inch and 10.1-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablets deliver improved ways of viewing content in highly portable formats. The Samsung Galaxy 3 is packed with features designed to help you relax, keep you entertained, and connect and engage with friends and family, while offering new conveniences in everyday life. Enjoy your favorite apps and activities, search, explore, and buy online with fast web browsing. With Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, it’s fun and easy!

The tablet works a lot like the Galaxy Smartphone, so if you already own a Galaxy Smartphone, you are already a Tab 3 expert. You can comfortably switch back and forth from your Galaxy phone to your Galaxy Tab whenever; all of your content is automatically synced wirelessly.

Make the most of your real estate with the Multi Window feature that enables you to use two applications side-by-side. Do two things at once – look up a restaurant’s menu while you schedule dinner reservations, or watch a YouTube video while you chat with friends on Facebook.

Samsung  Galaxy Tab 3 can be held in one hand and is an optimal device for viewing videos, playing enhanced games, reading e-Books, and can also act as a universal remote for your TV. With a broad collection of video, music and photo software, coupled with the clarity of its display, the Galaxy Tab 3  takes center stage for portable home entertainment.

P.C. Richard & Son is one of the few retailers now accepting pre-orders for this next generation of Samsung Galaxy Tab, and prices start at just $199.97. Pre-order yours today!


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