Save Trees and Get Your Read On with a Sony Reader

More and more people are starting to adopt downloading digital books for a greener and more portable reading experience. Sony Readers are one of the leading electronics for reading digital books, periodicals and documents. They use E-Ink screen technology for a paper-like display that’s viewable in direct sunlight, which makes them great for vacations. They require no power to maintain a static image, so you can read the same page for hours without sucking any battery life. They’re convenient with Sony’s iTunes-like Sony Connect e-store, and can display PDFs, ePubs, personal documents, and more. Hundreds of thousands of free public domain books are available from Google Books, and libraries are also beginning to carry digital copies of books.

Sounds great, right? Why carry a heavy book around when you can slip a Sony Reader with 300 books right in your pocket? But with three different types available from P.C. Richard & Son, which one is the best for you? We’re breaking down each version for you so you know exactly which one will suit your needs.

PRS300 Pocket Reader Edition

This model is the ultimate in portability. With its 5 inch screen and slim 7 ounce weight, it fits into any pocket, bag, or jacket. It holds approximately 350 e-books on its 512MB internal memory, so it should take you a while to read through all of your downloads. Its battery life long outlasts an iPod or iPhone; you can enjoy up to two straight weeks of reading (or 7,500 continuous page turns) on a single battery charge. How many of those 350 books can you read in that time?

We’re currently offering free shipping on the Sony Reader Pocket Edition.

PRS600 Touch Edition

The Touch Edition of the Sony Reader has a 6 inch touch screen and adds functionality not found on the ultra-portable Pocket Edition. The touch screen allows for highlighting, page zooming, and note taking both freehand with the stylus or using the touchscreen keyboard. There is also a built-in dictionary to help you through those tougher words (like sycophant). There are great similarities to the Pocket Edition as well, however: the battery life and internal memory are the same and still give you the same enjoyable 2-week reading experience on a single charge.

We’re currently offering free shipping on the Touch Edition.

PRS900 Daily Reader Edition

The convenience of this model is what really makes the Daily Reader stand out. It’s called “Daily Reader” for a reason; its free wireless 3G access allows you to browse, purchase or download any book, periodical, document, blog, or RSS feed anywhere, anytime. No need to connect with your computer to manage your books! Plus, it just about triples the storage capacity of the Pocket or Touch editions with 1.6GB of memory. It has the same advanced features of the Touch edition, including a built-in dictionary, bookmarking, highlighting, touch screen keyboard or freehand note taking with the stylus, and page zoom. Two new advanced feature of this model are the 2-page layout view and periodical navigation functions. The Daily Edition is the premier digital reader for The Wall Street Journal, allowing the added freedom of subscribing to exclusive content and daily updates.

We’re currently offering free shipping on the Daily Reader Edition.

Which Sony Reader will you be getting? Do you already have one? Let us know how you like it in the comments!


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