Spend Less Time Washing Dishes

May 18th is No Dirty Dishes Day! The point of today is to not have any dishes to clean for the entire day. If you ever wanted to spend a whole day eating in restaurants, today is that day! This is a great excuse to take a break from one of the most tedious daily chores and enjoy work-free dining this one time.

For every other day of the year, you can reduce time spent washing dishes by trying these tips to lighten the task.

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1. Load your dishwasher correctly. Make sure your dishes are facing toward the center, where the sprayer is. Put your silverware in with the handle down, and separate each item as much as possible. Place bowls, cups, and glasses at an angle so the water from below can reach inside. If you load your dishwasher efficiently, you’ll have less to do by hand.

2. Put your dirty dishes in a bucket nearby rather than in the sink. Besides keeping the sink clear for other uses, this is also woman hand wash dish in kitchen sinka great way to get a lot of the dishwashing done with minimal effort on your part. Fill the bucket with hot water and some dishsoap, and let the dishes soak while you go about other activities. When you’re ready to wash them, most of the food debris will have already come off in the hot water, and the job will go much more quickly and easily.

a kitchen wash basin with a plate rack3. Make use of a drying rack. As well as being the more sanitary way to go, air drying your dishes saves you from having to hand dry everything individually before putting it all away.

4. If you need to clean an appliance as well (like a blender or microwave), check out our tips for how to get that done as quickly as possible.

For today, though, don’t worry about any of that. It’s the one day a year you get out of this particular chore, so start applying these tips tomorrow!

What will you do with all the time you save not washing dishes?


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