Stock Audio System Gets Custom-Tailored Upgrades for Less

silverado 1A customer stopped into the P.C. Richard & Son NE Philly Mobile Installation Center in hopes of improving the audio system in his brand new 2016 Chevy Silverado. The vehicle only came equipped with an AM/FM radio with Bluetooth compatibility, and the ability to further upgrade was limited and quite expensive.

silverado 2He was interested in enhancing three major elements: sound, safety, and security. The initial price quote from the dealership concerned him, so he turned to our mobile installer, Josh, to find out what his options were at P.C. Richard & Son and what the bottom line would be.

Josh assessed the vehicle and delivered some great news: he could choose any equipment he wanted, with the features he liked, and it would be installed and integrated. The customer was relieved that he would be in charge of the budget and could choose the products that benefited him most, instead of being locked into an expensive package that didn’t fit all of his needs.

The Installation

The customer chose a Pioneer AVHX3800BHS for its large touch screen monitor, CD player, smart phone compatibility, and powerful built-in amplifier. He also chose an Audiovox ACA200W backup camera and a Viper 5305V Alarm and Remote Start for added safety.

Silverado 6Josh went to work disassembling the dash trim bezel and removed the factory radio. He mounted the new Pioneer in its place using a trim mounting kit and radio wiring harness, so factory wires didn’t have to be cut or spliced.

Next, he removed the carpet trim floor panels and ran wires through the vehicle to supply power and deliver the video signal from the backup camera. The camera was secured to the license plate frame, offering a perfectly centered image and seamless appearance.

Finally, he installed the Viper 5305V Alarm/Remote Start. Neatly hiding the unit’s brain and running wires along the factory harnesses, the alarm was discreetly camouflaged. In case the vehicle is ever tampered with, it would be very difficult to locate and bypass it.

Amazing Sound & Convenience

silverado 3The result of the upgrade was outstanding. A basic, bare-bones audio system was transformed into a high-end, feature-packed system tailored to the customer’s needs.

Vastly improving overall sound, the Pioneer delivered robust, high-quality sound that the customer can crank up whenever he wants. The built-in CD player affords the ability to play music the way he likes, and he still has full Bluetooth and smart phone compatibility, but with cool features like Siri Eyes Free. This lets him make calls, set reminders, and listen to text messages with voice commands, all while keeping his eyes on the road. Plus, he can pair more than one phone at the same time so two users can be hands-free. The AppRadio One feature lets him view and control select phone apps on the radio’s display.

silverado 5The backup camera provides assurance that the vehicle won’t be damaged while backing up in tight spaces and delivers safety to anyone or anything behind the truck that’s difficult to see by the driver. It’s an easy upgrade with great safety benefits.

The Viper 5305V Alarm Remote Start keeps the truck secure. All vehicle entry points are protected and will trigger the siren if they’re opened, sending a notification to the remote control, alerting the owner. The addition of the remote start will keep the customer comfortable all year long, regardless of the weather. He can defrost his windows and warm the vehicle in the winter or cool it down with air conditioning in the summer.

The customer was excited about these new additions. He was able to get more than he hoped for and couldn’t believe he got it for a fraction of what he expected. With all the extra money he saved, he’s looking to add new speakers to finish off the system in the near future.

Looking for a mobile electronics upgrade?

Whether you want to protect your vehicle with a security system or add speakers for amazing sound, our P.C. Richard & Son Mobile Installation Centers will help you select the right system for your needs and provide the installation you require. We can hook you up with subwoofers, hands-free Bluetooth stereos, remote car starters, and tons of other vehicle accessories. We offer a lifetime warranty on our installations and the lowest pricing. Stop into one of our Mobile Installation Centers now to learn more.


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