The Best TVs of 2015 vs 2014 TVs: Latest Innovations

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Over the last few years, technology seen in televisions has continued to advance at an incredible rate. Improved picture quality in LED and smart tech that allows you to use your television to access email, social media, and streaming services are just a few innovations that we now take for granted. For the best deals and breakdown of innovative features, P.C. Richard & Son has compiled a “best of” list to help you in your search for determining which TV will best fit your entertainment dreams.

Television Features

When shopping for a new television, consider the following:

  • Your budget
  • Type of display preferred: LCD, LED or OLED
  • Contrast ratio or the difference between the set’s whitest white and darkest black
  • Is it a smart TV with built-in Wi-Fi?
  • How thin is the set (important if hanging or if space is an issue)
  • Do you want a curved TV?

Best TVs of 2014: A Look Back

Sony’s 65X900B series, a 4K television, was considered one of the best in 2014 offering superior 4K resolution, an advanced backlight control system and Triluminos color technology.

2014 was the year of the curve — the curved TV, most notably the Samsung UNHU9000, was considered a top of the line TV option. The curved screen of this television allows for optimum viewing regardless of where the viewer sits within the room.  This means that whether you’re moving around the room while getting ready for the day, or having a season premier viewing party for your favorite show, there’s never a bad seat in the house.

Should you consider a 2014 model even though it’s 2015? Absolutely, if the price fits your budget (especially on Black Friday sales) and the model has the features and high-quality you desire.

Best 2015 TVs

As technology advances each year, televisions adapt, evolve and arrive in the showroom with innovative features that once would have been considered space-age or futuristic. From improved quality of 3-D TV viewing to advancements in sound and picture quality via OLED technology, the best TVs of 2015 have it all.

A television with OLED or organic light-emitting diode actually creates light versus blocking allowing for an enhanced viewing experience. OLED technology offers less motion blur or lag than a set with LCD technology and it’s more energy efficient.

CNET rates the LG EG9600 series as excellent and a television that delivers the best picture quality. A smart TV with web browser, the LG is an ultra-slim, 4K HD OLED set with built-in Wi-Fi.

Another option among the best of 2015 is the Samsung UN65JU7100, also rated by CNET. This model is a 65-inch slim TV that’s sleek and stylish. It features 4K technology for ultimate in picture resolution and HD LED quality. As a smart TV, this Samsung effortlessly provides access to your favorite apps, social media, live TV and video on demand.

For a high-quality, 65-inch, 4K ultra HD LED curved television, consider the Samsung UN65JS9000.

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