The Best TVs of 2015 vs 2014 TVs: Latest Innovations

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Over the last few years, technology seen in televisions has continued to advance at an incredible rate. Improved picture quality in LED and smart tech that allows you to use your television to access email, social media, and streaming services are just a few innovations that we now take for granted. For the best deals and breakdown of innovative features, P.C. Richard & Son has compiled a “best of” list to help you in your search for determining which TV will best fit your entertainment dreams.

Television Features

When shopping for a new television, consider the following:

  • Your budget
  • Type of display preferred: LCD, LED or OLED
  • Contrast ratio or the difference between the set’s whitest white and darkest black
  • Is it a smart TV with built-in Wi-Fi?
  • How thin is the set (important if hanging or if space is an issue)
  • Do you want a curved TV?

Best TVs of 2014: A Look Back

Sony’s 65X900B series, a 4K television, was considered one of the best in 2014 offering superior 4K resolution, an advanced backlight control system and Triluminos color technology.

2014 was the year of the curve — the curved TV, most notably the Samsung UNHU9000, was considered a top of the line TV option. The curved screen of this television allows for optimum viewing regardless of where the viewer sits within the room.  This means that whether you’re moving around the room while getting ready for the day, or having a season premier viewing party for your favorite show, there’s never a bad seat in the house.

Should you consider a 2014 model even though it’s 2015? Absolutely, if the price fits your budget (especially on Black Friday sales) and the model has the features and high-quality you desire.

Best 2015 TVs

As technology advances each year, televisions adapt, evolve and arrive in the showroom with innovative features that once would have been considered space-age or futuristic. From improved quality of 3-D TV viewing to advancements in sound and picture quality via OLED technology, the best TVs of 2015 have it all.

A television with OLED or organic light-emitting diode actually creates light versus blocking allowing for an enhanced viewing experience. OLED technology offers less motion blur or lag than a set with LCD technology and it’s more energy efficient.

CNET rates the LG EG9600 series as excellent and a television that delivers the best picture quality. A smart TV with web browser, the LG is an ultra-slim, 4K HD OLED set with built-in Wi-Fi.

Another option among the best of 2015 is the Samsung UN65JU7100, also rated by CNET. This model is a 65-inch slim TV that’s sleek and stylish. It features 4K technology for ultimate in picture resolution and HD LED quality. As a smart TV, this Samsung effortlessly provides access to your favorite apps, social media, live TV and video on demand.

For a high-quality, 65-inch, 4K ultra HD LED curved television, consider the Samsung UN65JS9000.

Shop P.C. Richard & Son for the best television to fit your budget and entertainment needs. If you’re not sure which set may be best for you, contact one of our sales representatives at 877-727-1909


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SUHD TV, Samsungs Latest Innovation to 4K TV

Samsung SUHD TV

You’ve probably heard of 4K Ultra HD by now, but what about SUHD from Samsung? It’s Samsung making UHD even better!  While they’ve yet to confirm what the “S” stands for, some think it stands for Superior, Super, Stylish or Smart, but all agree it’s 4K on Steroids!

So what makes this TV so special? Listed below are reasons why we think Samsung’s SUHD TVs are sure to be chart toppers this year:

Improved and Sophisticated Curved Designs

Samsung introduced the curve in 2013 and it dramatically enhanced home entertainment. Samsung TVs are known to have modern and sleek finishes and the new SUHD TVs feature Samsung’s chamfer bezel design. This design adds more depth to the TV screen, and the elegant frame makes the TV look like a piece of art when mounted on the wall. They also have a soft, textured shirring design on the back, ensuring a stylish look from any angle.

Superior Picture Quality

Samsung SUHD TVs demonstrate ground-breaking advances in contrast, brightness, color reproduction, and detail to deliver an overall superior picture quality experience. Samsung uses Nano-crystal technology (Samsung’s version of quantum dots) and intelligent SUHD re-mastering picture quality engine.

SUHD TV’s Nano-crystals are microscopic crystals tuned to emit precise colors when light shines through them, bringing accurate, more lifelike color. This technology produces a wide range of colors, providing viewers with 64 times more color expression than conventional TVs. The SUHD re-mastering engine automatically analyzes the brightness of images to minimize additional power consumption while expressing ultimate contrast levels, producing images with much darker blacks and an elevated brightness 2.5 times brighter than conventional TVs and twice the color adjustment points for the most accurate color display.

A Smarter Smart TV

Pretty much every TV is a smart TV these days, but Samsung smart TVs are powered by Tizen, an open-source platform that supports the web standard for TV app development. Thanks to Tizen, Samsung’s new smart TV platform not only has a collection of new features, but it also gives users immediate access , a more unified entertainment experience, and more content choices than ever before, making  it the control center of any smart home. Samsung’s new smart TV with Tizen sets the standard for future smart TVs, redefining the entertainment experience.

Listed below are some of the new features:

  • The new user interface for Samsung’s Smart Hub is simplified to just one screen, giving you easier access to the content you want.


  • With Quick Connect, you can easily share video content from your Samsung smart phone to your smart TV with the press of a button. Plus, you can watch TV through your mobile devices without any apps or complicated pre-settings.


  • You’ll be able to stream UHD movies and TV shows from providers such as Amazon, Comcast, DIRECTV, and M-GO. In addition, Samsung is offering a new UHD movie download service utilizing its existing UHD Video Pack in partnership with M-GO.


  • You can also wake-up a bit easier with Briefing on TV. Samsung smart TVs now act as an alarm that sync up with Samsung mobile devices. They can turn on and display important items suchas the time, weather and your schedule for the day.

Samsung 4K SUHD TVs completely redefine the viewing experience, but you don’t have to take our word for it! Just stop into your local P.C. Richard & Son Superstore and see it for yourself. We know you’ll be amazed by this new technology and if have any questions our expert sales representatives will be there to help answer them.



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Introducing Samsung OLED TV


You won’t believe your eyes! Now you can enjoy true-to-life color, ultimate contrast and blur-free motion thanks to a remarkable leap forward in picture quality technology. . . OLED technology! Why does the new Samsung OLED TV look like nothing you’ve ever seen before? Well, because you never have… and here’s why!

Breakthrough OLED Technology

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. It sounds like a slight variation on the traditional LED, bet OLED displays are completely different from LED backlit LCD displays. LED’s rely on an LCD filter to turn on an individual subpixel on or off, while OLED pixels are independently lit, so they don’t require backlighting filters to function. Basically, an OLED subpixel is comprised of a thin layer of organic carbon-based compounds sandwiched between two electrodes. When electricity passes from one electrode to the other, it excites the sandwich layer of organic materials, which causes the compound to emit light. Millions of self-lighting pixels illuminate individually to express true-to-life color, sharper contrast and clearer images compared to conventional TVs.

Real Color

OLED has a much wider range of color than conventional TVs and is very close to DCI movie theater standard. With this richer and more authentic color palette than the current LED technology, OLED TVs display incredibly vibrant and gorgeous colors with incredible accuracy.

Infinite Contrast

Experience a more lifelike picture with a contrast ratio that’s far greater than that of current LED TVs.  OLED can offer deep blacks and pure whites because it has the ability to turn off individual pixels. Plasma TVs have this same ability, only OLED does it much better. The way plasma TVs are constructed causes a small amount of ambient light to be refracted out to the viewer; OLED displays don’t have this problem, giving you a picture that is as authentic as anything you’ve ever seen.

Virtually Blur-Free Motion Clarity

OLED currently offers the fastest response time of any TV technology in use today, because the displays are so fast you don’t see any motion blur. You can enjoy pictures that are so crisp you’ll feel like you’re a part of every movie, show or sporting event you watch. From subtle motion to fast-paced action it’s incredibly sharp.

Notable Features:

·         Timeless Arena Design. Samsung OLED TVs bring beauty into any space with a timeless curved design that draws you into the picture and a minimalistic elegance that’s stunning while on or off.

·         Two TVs are better in one. Forget Picture-in- Picture; share the TV without compromise with MultiView. Now two people can watch two different shows at the same time – both in full HD or 3D – by wearing 3D glasses with built-in personal stereo sound. You will only see what you’re watching while your partener only sees what they want to watch!

·         One Connect. Merge all your connections into a single cable with the One Connect box to reduce cord clutter and enjoy a sleek design with a “clean back” finish. Don’t worry about next year’s TV model being eons ahead of this one; One Connect also lets you easily update your TV’s software so it stays innovative year after year.

·         The new Samsung Smart Hub can help you navigate easily through live programs, streaming content, social networks, apps and more. Not sure what to watch? Just ask your TV – it will recommend something just for you.

You can see a live demonstration of the Samsung OLED TV at select P.C. Richard & Son Superstores Click here to learn more and stop by see for yourself how truly amazing this technology is!

Samsung OLED TV Commercial: Life in Every Pixel


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