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Put Your VHS Home Movies on Your Computer

Posted by on August 6, 2010 at 10:00 am

When was the last time you watched a home movie recorded on a VHS? You probably want to take a stroll down memory lane and watch your old wedding tape, holiday vacation, or kids playing in the backyard, but may not have a VCR. Now, with the ION Audio VCR2PC you can conveniently store these movies on your computer and access them whenever you want! You can even store them on your iPod, mobile phone, and other portable devices.

The VCR2PC hooks into your computer via USB and sends both audio and video straight to your computer. The EZ VHS Converter software can then convert it to store on DVD, iPod, PSP and more, or just store them in a folder on your machine and pull up clips on demand. The VCR2PC can also work as a standard VCR, so you can always watch your original VHS tapes.

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