The P.C. Richard & Son App is Now Available on iTunes!

We’ve released our new P.C. Richard & Son app, and we want you to check it out! This is a great tool for researching products or checking stocks of in-store items on the go. You can also peruse our latest Hot Deals, read customer reviews, find your closest Superstore and more with the touch of a button and more without having to load up your phone’s internet browser. The app is quick to download, easy to use, and will come in handy whenever you’re shopping for appliances, electronics or video games.

How It Works

As soon as you load up the app it starts importing the entire catalog for you to browse easily. This process only takes about a second depending on your connection.

You are then taken to a screen to begin browsing all of our main product categories.

Once you drill down to the products, you can see their price, reviews, and photos.

Once you find a product you like, you can view further information about it including product specs and inventory levels at the Superstores closest to you.

The store listing will give you the address, phone number, hours of operation, the number of miles you are away and the current inventory levels.

The map shows the store you chose and additional features of that particular store location.

This app is now available free through the iTunes App Store, so download it today! Search “pc richard” on your phone to access it directly. If you enjoy it, please don’t forget to rate it on iTunes!


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