We’ve Been a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business Since 1967

Did you know that P.C. Richard & Son has an A+, the highest grade a company can earn, from the Better Business Bureau? That means, in addition to offering outstanding service, that we have promised the BBB and executed a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints.

Sometimes incidents occur when you’re delivering thousands of appliances, TVs, and electronics every week, or products can malfunction out of the box. As a family-owned company, we strive to offer the best one-on-one service possible. Know that should you ever have a problem with our products or services that we’re here for you; we will assist you in any way we can with the attention and service you deserve. That’s what’s given us our A+ rating, and motto: Honesty, Integrity, and Reliability. You can always contact our customer service department here.

How have we helped you in the past? Please share your stories with us in the comments below!


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  • Gwynette Davis

    i purchased a laptop 2 years ago and a 2 year warranty to cover it. I went on vacation with it and it started to act up. the computer would turn on but i wouldn’t be able to see the screen including the brightness is all the way up. the screen was pitched black. i left it alone for about an hour and it was the same thing. i even drained the battery and charged it till 100%. nothing worked. i even factory reset it three times. when i came back from vacation, i sent it in to be repaired. i waited a month for it to be repaired by pc richard & son. but pc richard didn’t repair it. a worker told me that they couldn’t repair it and that they sent it off to samsung for it to be repaired. samsung???? well what’s it doing there? i don’t have a warranty with samsung, i have a warranty with pc richard. i asked for the address of where it’s being kept and they said that they don’t know. how do you not know where you’ve sent my laptop? and then they started to guess where it is. i said that this is ridiculous and needs to stop. on the warranty the very first bullet said that if pc richard cannot fix it and it is not repairable, then they will have to give me a new laptop. it does not say anything about sending it to a different manufacturer if they can’t fix it. so on top of that, they violated the warranty. then they tried to give me $50.00 just for me to basically shut up. when it was ready to be picked up, i asked if everything is fixed and that it’s working fine again. the lady at the desk said that everything was good. before i leave with it, i made sure of that. the next day when it needed to be charged, the charger wasn’t working. it would charge and then stop, and my battery ran out quicker, and my brightness kept going up and down. and i remember sending the charger with it. i had to apply force just to get the charger into the spot to be charged. i didn’t sign a warranty just for pc richard to give me the run arounds. I AM SICK AND TIRED OF THIS COMPANY NOW AND I WILL TAKE PC RICHARD TO COURT IF THEY DON”T DO WHAT THEY ARE SUPPOSE TO BE DOING.

  • pcrichardandson

    Hi Mary, we are sorry to hear about your experience and would like to help resolve the issue. Please send an email to social@pcrichard.com with your name, contact information, invoice number and details to your situation. We will have the appropriate person reach out to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

  • mary.

    I have been a customer of PC Richards for approx. 20 years. I have never encountered such poor customer service and lack of communication in past. Since my recent purchase of an range oven it took 10 days and 6 people to resolve the problem. One customer service man by the name of Daniel, was very patient, honest and helpful, finally! PC Richards needs to evaluate their Brooklyn employees.

  • PC Richard and Son

    Hi Richard, we are sorry to hear about your situation and would like to help resolve this issue. Please send an email to social@pcrichard.com with your name, contact information, invoice number, and details to your situation. We will have
    someone reach out to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

  • Richard Hegel

    i purchased an oven on 5/26/14 and the salesman advised me that my oven would be available to pick up on 5/27/14 at the store in levittown that i purchased it in. I asked a friend to help me with picking up the oven, and when we went to Levittown to pick it up we were advised that i had to go to another location to pick up my oven. This is completely unacceptable. Due to this change i ended up paying extra money that i wasnt originally wasnt planning on, if I wasnt lied to from the salesman in the first place i could have planned different. I spent $537 not to be treated like an idiot and told lies! I am extremely disappointed in their customer service.

  • Richard Hegel