When to Replace Your Refrigerator

When you’ve had your refrigerator for a while, it starts to show signs of age. Sometimes it’s worth it to have it repaired, but it might make more sense to just replace the unit. Refrigerators typically last between ten and twenty years, so take into account how long you’ve had it. If it’s over eight years old, problems may be more concerning than they’d be with a newer fridge. Here are some signs it’s time for a replacement:

1. Your food is spoiling quickly

Woman looking at her empty fridge

If your fridge isn’t preserving your food as well as it once did, it’s wasting a lot of energy and costing you extra money. The doors may not be sealing properly, or the temperature may be malfunctioning.

2. Excessive condensation

This is another indicator that the temperature isn’t working correctly. This is frequently an easy problem to fix, but if you’ve had your fridge for a long time and this isn’t the only issue, it may be time to just get a new one.

3. It’s making a lot of noise

Refrigerators should be fairly quiet, and if you can constantly hear it running, it’s probably about at the end of its life.

4. Your energy costs are high

If your current fridge isn’t Energy Star qualified, you’re spending more than you need to keep it running.

In general, when older refrigerators begin to show signs of slowing down, it will likely save you money in the long run to forgo all the repairs and invest in a new one. We’re happy to help you find the perfect fridge for your needs!


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