Why Should You Add a Ring Video Doorbell to Your Home?

RINGBUNDLEAB1Adding the Ring Video Doorbell to your home will deliver unsurpassed convenience and security. These doorbells are smart Wi-Fi connected devices that secure your home while you’re away and eliminate the hassle of waiting for parcel deliveries or dealing with unwanted solicitors showing up unexpectedly.

What Can the Ring Video Doorbell Do?

Ring App2The Ring Video Doorbell connects to the existing wiring in a standard doorbell, or you can use the built-in rechargeable battery that can last up to a year. It easily installs, and once it’s connected to Wi-Fi and the Ring app, you’re ready to experience the benefits.

The Ring works like a regular doorbell. Once the front button is pressed, HD quality video recording and two-way communication begins. You can speak to visitors from anywhere with a smart phone and data connection, and no one will know if you’re home or not.

Ring MotionThe Ring doesn’t stop there! It features a sophisticated motion sensor that can be adjusted to monitor exact angles and locations of your home and yard. If anyone violates a zone, a notification is sent to your device and video recording begins. Check on the home’s status and address the violation if necessary, all from a safe and discreet location. The Ring promotes home security; you can alert a potential intruder they’re being recorded and should leave the premises immediately.

Is that it?

No, there’s more! The lens is equipped with night vision, so low light and dark conditions do not limit visibility. Also, with an added subscription, the Ring can store video files for up to a month, and they can be saved or shared online.

The Ring Video Doorbell connects with many other smart devices, unlocking a multitude of convenient features. For example, connect Ring to Philips Hue lighting, and when the doorbell is pressed, the interior lights will flash, alerting you there’s someone at the front door. You can even have the Ring turn lighting on when the motion sensor is triggered. The possibilities are endless.

A Full Line of Smart Products for Complete Security

The Ring Video Doorbell has a complete line of products to help secure your entire home.

Ring ProThe Ring Stick Up Cam is a great solution for a backyard or any location that security is needed. Just place it wherever it’s needed and enjoy the same surveillance benefits as the video doorbell. The Stick Up Cam has a built-in rechargeable battery, but a Ring Solar Panel can be added, eliminating the need to recharge.

The Ring Video Doorbell line also features a plug-in chime. The Ring Chime is great for times when the connected phone isn’t nearby and an audible tone is needed to alert you of any doorbell activity, just like a standard doorbell chime.

Check out the amazing Ring Video Doorbell and the full line of Ring products here, and add smart security to your home today.


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